Rookie Blue

Season 4 Episode 3

Different, Not Better

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2013 on ABC
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When a crucial decision has to be made while confronting an out of control person, Andy and Officer Cruz find themselves at odds and one of them has to pull the trigger. 15 Division needs to find the armed robber targeting ATMs. Dov's one night stand with Frank's goddaughter, Chloe, becomes awkward when they are forced to work together. Although Andy and Dov both have proved their mettle with 15 Division, they soon learn the importance of a fresh perspective while on the job.


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  • Andy and Cruz, Epstein and Chloe

    15 Division pairs off to search for an ATM robber who has begun getting violent. This means Andy is stuck with Cruz, her ex-boyfriend's new lover who has an entirely different opinion of how to go about being a cop than Andy, and Epstein is stuck with Chloe (the stalkerish young one-night stand who turns out to be a rookie cop and Best's god daughter).

    The episode gives us a pretty elaborate paint gun battle which ties back into the episode's final scene between Andy and Swarek an the (at least for now) end of their relationship. Priscilla Faia makes for an interesting addition to the cast and despite Chloe's annoyances Espstein has to admit the pair make a pretty good team. I'll be interested to see how others relate to the extremely perky young officer as the show moves forward.

    Andy and Cruz get sidetracked from the main case by noise complaints about a mentally-unstable woman and her neighbor who has finally had enough. Andy's call takes the neighbor into custody but leaves the calmer woman alone. Sadly, this will have dire consequences for everyone (except apparently Andy) in the episode's second-half. We also get an almost too cute storyline between Gail and Nick as they come across an urn while going through property for an upcoming police auction.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Andy McNally: (having seen Sam and Marlo together) She's great.
      Sam Swarek: Is that your talent, McNally? Pointing out the obvious?
      Andy McNally: No. I know when to quit. That's my talent. I know when the odds are against me and when to walk away. Good night, Sam. (Andy starts walking away)
      Sam Swarek: Andy. Andy? (she stops and turns around) See you tomorrow.

    • Andy McNally: (runs into a rather scruffy Sam) Wow. You look like you worked all weekend.
      Sam Swarek: Oh, I did. What did you do?
      Andy McNally: Paintball.
      Sam Swarek: You win?
      Andy McNally: Yep. I rocked it.
      Sam Swarek: Nothing you like more than a little competition, uh?
      Andy McNally: Yeah, that's right. It's 'cause I have a special talent.
      Sam Swarek: Oh, which is? (starting to walk away)
      Andy McNally: (calling after him) You've known me for three years. Why don't you take a guess?

    • Andy McNally: So, Marlo - is she cool?
      Traci Nash: Sure. So are you.
      Andy McNally: Yeah, but I mean, is she cooler?
      Traci Nash: She's different, not better.

    • Andy McNally: (rookies playing paintball, Andy's team wins) Hey, listen. I'm not the dumb new kid on the block anymore, all right? I set my mind to something, I fight to the death and I win. Bup.
      Nick Collins: (aside to Traci) You think she's talking about paintball?
      Traci Nash: I think she's talking about Sam Swarek.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Featured Music:
      "Stayin Alive" (Teddybears Remix) by Bee Gees (episode start, playing paintball)
      "La Pathetique" by Beethoven
      "It Could Work" by These People
      "Scorpio ft. D-Sisive and Ghettosocks" by Miles Jones (Dov and Chloe interrogate Miguel at the basketball courts)
      "Keep a Light On You" by Gloryhound (Oliver and Chris interrogate a tattoo artist)
      "Lake Winona" by The Careful Ones (end of episode)

    • Special billing was given to Ben Bass (and) for this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United States - June 27, 2013 on ABC