Rookie Blue

Season 4 Episode 3

Different, Not Better

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2013 on ABC



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    • Andy McNally: (having seen Sam and Marlo together) She's great.
      Sam Swarek: Is that your talent, McNally? Pointing out the obvious?
      Andy McNally: No. I know when to quit. That's my talent. I know when the odds are against me and when to walk away. Good night, Sam. (Andy starts walking away)
      Sam Swarek: Andy. Andy? (she stops and turns around) See you tomorrow.

    • Andy McNally: (runs into a rather scruffy Sam) Wow. You look like you worked all weekend.
      Sam Swarek: Oh, I did. What did you do?
      Andy McNally: Paintball.
      Sam Swarek: You win?
      Andy McNally: Yep. I rocked it.
      Sam Swarek: Nothing you like more than a little competition, uh?
      Andy McNally: Yeah, that's right. It's 'cause I have a special talent.
      Sam Swarek: Oh, which is? (starting to walk away)
      Andy McNally: (calling after him) You've known me for three years. Why don't you take a guess?

    • Andy McNally: So, Marlo - is she cool?
      Traci Nash: Sure. So are you.
      Andy McNally: Yeah, but I mean, is she cooler?
      Traci Nash: She's different, not better.

    • Andy McNally: (rookies playing paintball, Andy's team wins) Hey, listen. I'm not the dumb new kid on the block anymore, all right? I set my mind to something, I fight to the death and I win. Bup.
      Nick Collins: (aside to Traci) You think she's talking about paintball?
      Traci Nash: I think she's talking about Sam Swarek.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Stayin Alive" (Teddybears Remix) by Bee Gees (episode start, playing paintball)
      "La Pathetique" by Beethoven
      "It Could Work" by These People
      "Scorpio ft. D-Sisive and Ghettosocks" by Miles Jones (Dov and Chloe interrogate Miguel at the basketball courts)
      "Keep a Light On You" by Gloryhound (Oliver and Chris interrogate a tattoo artist)
      "Lake Winona" by The Careful Ones (end of episode)

    • Special billing was given to Ben Bass (and) for this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United States - June 27, 2013 on ABC

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