Rookie Blue

Season 3 Episode 12

Every Man

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2012 on ABC

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  • Finale worthy episode

    I have loved this show from day one and this episode reminds me why I fell in love with this show. These are real life stories behind the masks we see on the men and women of the badge.

    I so love Dov even Gail. And poor Chris is still a sap a loveable one though. McNally the doogooder and Gailalways trying to not care when she cares deeply. I wish the series were 24 episode long would have been interesing watching these characters develop.

    Detective Mills was awesome as a the tough as nails investigator.

    I hope Gail stays !
  • Every Man

    It was a good, exciting episode but not a great one.

    Drawbacks? Some scenes were repeated even four times and it was annoying. Nick's story was't very interesting and it was easy to predict that Dov would be in trouble with his suspect, as always. And almost no Sam! Or Luke, Traci, Ollie...

    On the other hand, Chris' story was a real shocker for me. I wonder where this is going. Gail showed her good side again and took the blame. It seems that this time she is the one going to suffer the consequences of not observing protocol the most. I hope she will be fine. And Seana McKenna did a wonderful job as sarcastic Detective Mills.

    I can't wait for season finale. And I wish there were 24 episodes every season not 13 - I love this show!