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Episode Discussion: Different, Not Better 4x03 (Jun 27)

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    Please use this thread to discuss episode Different, Not Better. Enjoy!
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    I apologize in advance for my English. I'm French, and I don't master still perfectly English.

    I found this episode brilliant, even better than the precedents. We find a great deal of feelings, explosive partnerships, funny scenes, horrible scenes... We really have of everything in this episode, and that's it which returns it even better.

    I find that they surpassed themselves for this episode, and I hope that they will do the same for the following ones there

    The positive points:

    - We find the competitive spirit there. In the season 1 but also in the season 2, there were many competitions between our rookies, and this spirit in slightly disappeared during the season 3. And now it returns in beauty with a party of paintball. We see all the strategy of our rookies there, and that makes the good!

    - Explosive partnerships and long-awaited. I speak about the partnership McNally / Cruz. We dreaded t) Nevertheless, now it arrives. I find that the scriptwriters very well exploited it, at least for a first episode, later, we shall see afterward. Both women know how to put aside their "quarrel" and know how to work in team when one needs. I was afraid that the scriptwriters made us a scene(stage) discuss about Sam and, in my biggest happiness, they did not make it. I find that it is the big clich? which you should not exploit any more, stop the quarrels during the patrols with " don't touche my guy " and so on...

    - The fact that Chlo? is a cop. My god the scriptwriters, I bow. If I had thought of that! It was a beautiful surprise and I find that it is really brilliant that they made it.

    - Moving scenes, not overflowing a love, but just what is needed to make us even more like the episode.

    - The scene Andy / Marlo in the cloakroom. Even if both women do not appreciate, there is always a team spirit, and I found this really very moving scene.

    The negative points (and yes, I always find a thing to be said):

    - The affair Marlo. And yes, we "know" that Marlo made rapped over the knuckles because of the murder of the young woman, but what about become? We see detected Marlo, then we expect to know what it passed. Is she fired Is she suspended? In brief, questions which stay suspends it. Affair to be followed!

    - Diaz. My god, he irritated me. I am a dad, I am a dad, I am a dad. Roooh but keep silent!

    The point anger:

    - Then there, I agree not at all. Andy Andy Andy... How can you abandon Sam? No but there I am definitively not all right. You are going to run until at his home, to say to him that you cannot take place of him, kiss him and you go to make babies.

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