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Episode Discussion: You Can See the Stars 4x13 (Sep 12)

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    [1]Sep 12, 2013
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    Please use this thread to discuss the season finale You Can See the Stars. Enjoy!
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    Chloe brought 10 different kinds of awesomeness, so kudos on that addition

    Cruz was interesting for 2 episodes but she's pretty much run her course

    Oliver found a nice woman, so there's that

    Frank got married, *thinks for a second* yeah that pretty much sums up his entire season

    Dov met a girl,* see comment about oliver

    Nash had a couple career highs/first, so good for her and she's moved on from her dead fiance

    Chris, not sure what the hell he brought to the table

    Nick, I took an instant disliking to the guy mostly because he wouldn't shut up about Afghanistan. But since he stopped i've gotten to see him as good peoples(as we say in these parts), he did not have a great season on a personal level but at least he's more likable

    Gail got past that whole schoolgirl/puppylove phase of last season and returned to her former glory. No career advancements but she did meet someone who she's compatible with and more importantly they had a natural courtship, it didn't feel like the usual 'every human being on tv must be in a relationship' type thing nor did it come across as gimmicky

    If I were to grade it as a "summer" series i'd say mid B like 84-86 but as a series were talking high C in the 76-78 range. All in all i'd say slightly better than last season though the charm of the first season has worn off and they're still trying to coast on that instead of growing, prime of example the two characters I didn't mention, it's getting old! It's a shame when a character who is no longer a regular is the only one leaps and bounds ahead of where they started.

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    Seriously, this tedious, frustrating, dull, pathetic, on-again-off-again Sam-McNally bullshit goes since four years now. I hope Sam dies, but I'm sure he will not.

    I'm afraid they brought Holly in just to fill the "drama hole" until McNally goes back to am again, so Pack has someone to hold to until Nick comes back to her. So just to spice up the show. I'm sorry that homosexual relationships are only there for this sole purpose these days, to boost ratings, especially lesbian relationships. It is very offensive against men-men relationships.

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