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What's up with the air dates and no advertising!!

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    I really enjoy, no love, Rookie Blue and when I found out it was back on the air, well, I only want to know why ABC didn't let us know more in advance. I'm starting the new (Season 4) at the second episode (Homecoming).

    When looking into this a bit, I discovered something else that doesn't make me happy. The upcoming air dates of one in June, then starting July 11 it looks like a normal schedule to the last two episodes in September. Maybe ABC thinks everyone is using a DVR or other automatic way of noticing when the series is on the air. I have a DVR and missed the first episode of season 4! Why? Because of an error in my DVR I had to delete all my scheduled series. Given you can't input a series not on the TV schedule (unless you use the auto search, but Comcast only gives you 16 of those, max).

    Anyway, enough about me and my issues with Comcast, what's up with ABC? Personally, I don't know and would love to hear your opinion and/or what you know.

    Thanks! :-) I'm just glad the series is back, but wish it was either more often or for more episodes per season!!!!

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