Rookie Blue

Season 4 Episode 7

Friday the 13th

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2013 on ABC
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An old missing persons case of Swarek's re-opens with the discovery of human bones in a ravine. Swarek teams up again with his old training officer, Charlie Walsh, to solve the case but a look at Charlie's life has Swarek rethinking his. Dov and Chloe have to deal with a witch and her disgruntled client.


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    Emily Hampshire

    Emily Hampshire


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    Al Sapienza

    Al Sapienza

    Charlie Fitzgerald

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    David Schurmann

    David Schurmann

    Merle Robbins

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    Aliyah O'Brien

    Aliyah O'Brien


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      • Marlo Cruz: Rough night?
        Sam Swarek: Oh, I'm fine. You?
        Marlo Cruz: It was all right.
        Sam Swarek: That's our conversation. Right there. Always the same, every time.
        Marlo Cruz: Wow. Maybe it's just easier that way.
        Sam Swarek: You know, I don't wanna wake up one day and realize nobody knows me.
        Marlo Cruz: I wanna know you.
        Sam Swarek: Okay. Uh, I like tool sheds.
        Marlo Cruz: Why?
        Sam Swarek: Well, when I was 6 my dad locked me in the tool shed overnight because I broke his hockey stick. And when I was around 10 he made me sleep in there for a week 'cause I didn't mow the lawn. I forgot. And by the time I was 16, uh, I was screwing up just so I wouldn't have to sleep under the same roof as that guy. That was around the same time I met Charlie. And, uh, saw that a man could be kind and fair and good.
        Marlo Cruz: So today was an awful day.
        Sam Swarek: It was an awful day.

      • Charlie Fitzgerald: I've known him since he was a teenager. I caught him selling stolen car parts.
        Traci Nash: What?
        Charlie Fitzgerald: Yeah. And I brought him in and for every question I asked him he had three for me, right? (Traci laughs) So, I figure a kid this nosy, he'd make a good copper. So I make a deal with him, I tell him I'll sweep the charges under the rug if he goes back to school. Next thing I hear, he's in the Academy.
        Traci Nash: Huh. YOu think you know a man.
        Charlie Fitzgerald : Kitten, you never know a man.

      • Sam Swarek: (Sam tells Charlie what a great T.O. he was) Constantly on my ass, getting after me for breaking the rules, disobeying your orders...
        Charlie Fitzgerald: Acting like a cop.

      • Sam Swarek: So, how are you?
        Andy McNally: Uh...been fighting of a cold, actually. And I think I'm allergic to citrus. I get all, like, itchy and stuff. It's really disappointing.
        Sam Swarek: Oh. Don't eat citrus.
        Andy McNally: Well, that's the obvious solution. (smiling) How are you?
        Sam Swarek: You know me.
        Andy McNally: Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
        Sam Swarek: Well, if you don't know me, I don't know who does.
        Andy McNally: Oh. Well, maybe your girlfriend.

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