Rookie Blue

Season 2 Episode 13

God's Good Grace

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2011 on ABC

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  • Absolutely outstanding and wonderful television / story telling!


    This episode is really wonderful television and shows us why it is an excellent story telling media. The big screen may have the fame and the Oscar, but it the media television that can and does tell stories. It can and does, also, have a lot of trash.

    This episode of Rookie Blues is an outstanding example of how television is prime story telling media! The best example during this example is when Officer McNally is telling the Cadet about clearing a house and we watch her team doing it.

    I'm sure some will say the plot was too easy to figure out and give other reasons to say it isn't a superior or perfect episode. Those reasons maybe real, but given how the episode fits into the season and how it leaves you at the end, it is a great story and a well spent hour.

    If you have yet to watch the episode, do yourself a favor and watch it from the start, BUT . . . Do yourself a favor a watch it only after you are up to speed on the story lines making up this episode. This series is well worth the time it will take to watch it, at least in the opinion of this viewer / reviewer.

    ABC, I can hardly wait for the next season and - please - consider a full 22 episode run for the third season (even if you do it in a split format). Hey, if you do do a split format, you should consider more than 22 episodes ... say 13 and then 10 or even 13 (so 23 - 26 total episodes) for season 3, please.