Rookie Blue

Season 1 Episode 12

In Blue

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2010 on ABC

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  • As this was the last episode of the first season - I will provide a recap of the show in general rather than just this episode, in particular.

    I'll begin by stating I liked this show a little more than might be warranted because it was a pre-television replacement - it premiered after the summer shows of basic cable, but before the return of most network programs. It comes from Canada - which means it could either be awful or a new classic (The X-Files started in Canada). After saying all that - the show has a somewhat interesting premise and a few talented newcomers. I like the "Andy" character and the ups and downs she has been experiencing as a rookie. Her fellow actors aren't that bad either - but the writers should be careful of turning a few of them into caricatures. I would also say the focus next season should be on the work - bring us some interesting cases such as the one involving missing children and the dead bodies found in the empty building. Stay away from romantic entanglements in the workplace - they quickly become boring. If the young characters find romance it should be with people they don't work with. I'll watch (depending on the day and time slot) as long as I immediately see some improvements. The show could even stand the loss of a rookie or two.
  • Oah, they are free!

    Ok, ok, there was a case and all. Dead girl, crying sister and regretful mother.

    The case per se was just a situation to explain the Andy's almost breakdown. I totally agree with DebraMcClure. Next episodes should focus on the cases, the conflicts, the reality of doing what needs to be done. Seing how things don't always work as they should.
    Quit with the love triangles and stuff. Andy is with Luke? Fine, let them stay together and have some romantic moments. It's good, its interesting. Gives the character more than just being a cop.

    But stop with the puppy eyes to Sam. Come on.. it gets old and boring real fast. Focus on what's really important.