Rookie Blue

Season 2 Episode 6

In Plain View

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

After sleeping with his ex, Jo, Luke is in a rush to get married to Andy. She finds out that the fancy hotel had Luke's credit card and he plays it off saying he was planning a surprise day at the spa for her. One of Jerry's street informants has been shot. This happened right before the informant was supposed to testify against a notorious gang – the Jameson gang. In a related case, Sam finds a gun that belongs to Darrell Jameson. The gun was found in Deena's apartment. Darrell Jameson is a pimp but Deena, young and naïve believes that he loves her. Jo scares Deena to flip on Darrell but she has to be kept in a safe house which Jo and Andy are assigned to guard. Deena is scared that Jo will actually ship her back home to her mother. Andy tries to calm her by offering to buy some magazines but before she leaves she figures out that something had happened between Jo and Luke. After returning with magazines, she finds that Jo has been knocked out and Deena is gone.

Sam and Traci head to the meet up location undercover. This is the place where Deena is supposed to meet Darrell. Jo and Andy meet with Sam and Traci for this operation. Not long after the arranged time, Deena arrives at the location. Sam takes out Darrell before he shoots anyone. Deena still believes that Darrell loves her and tells him she's willing to take the blame for the murder he did. Andy is shocked.

Elaine Peck, superintendent and Gail's mom comes to 15 Division to pay a visit to the team there. Everyone is a bit nervous, especially Gail. The superintendent wants her daughter to go with her to some open house interviews. Superintendent Peck and Chris are getting along well and she is using him to learn more about her daughter's career goals. She agrees to help Chris in his career in return for the intel.

Gail and Dov are at the murder scene and find a young boy hiding nearby. He seems a bit skittish since he freaks out any time he's touched. He also does not speak English. Dov also notices that the boy has bruises on his wrists and he and Gail begin to suspect that he's been abused. It turns out that his adoptive parents had been following the advice of their therapist which was to tie his wrists in order to help him overcome his fear of being touched.

Many citizens head to 15 Division to enjoy the open house activities. Everyone is having a good time but Superintendent Peck begins to wonder what happened to Gail who has gone MIA. She was really bothered by the kid because she was reminded of her own childhood and how lonely it was. Chris tells the Superintendent that Gail won't be joining for the interviews. She tells Chris that Gail will enjoy his loyalty but she does not.

Luke comes home to find Andy's bags packed. She asks why he still wants to get married and he tells her it is because he loves her. Andy tells him that the ring is back in the lockbox where she found it and she leaves.