Rookie Blue

Season 1 Episode 2

Mercury Retrograde

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2010 on ABC

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  • Expected more

    I expected more from the second episode of rookie blue. After the first episode, we got to know the characters, but in the second episode they hardly portrayed them with more depth. If I'm allowed to make a comparison to let's say Mad Men, The Good Wife or Grey's Anatomy in which the audience already felt during the second episode that they knew the main characters. Unfortunately, I felt no such feeling with the rookies. Gail was hardly present in any of the two episodes (I had to look up her name). The two characters that fascinate me the most are Dov and Traci. This episode was too slow, or at least too little happened. Today, TV shows get more complicated with more storylines featuring different characters at once. This episode had two storylines, one character taking up one of them and the other 4 worked on the second. I had a hard time understanding what Swarek was actually up to and why would he possibly be so fascinated with this Emily girl when he could have arrested some sort of major drug dealer? In the end, catching the creepy snake tattoo guy seemed way too easy. I feel the writers could really have created tension, especially a competitive feeling, but they did not. If I had been Epstein, I'd have smashed Gail down when she tried to arrest the guy he'd chased down. On a side note, I hardly see any chemistry between McNally and Swarek. Also, so far I'm not particularly liking McNally, has she only got one face expression? I hope the next episodes get more fascinating, because this is too boring for my taste.
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