Rookie Blue

Season 3 Episode 5

Messy Houses

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2012 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, we learn Andy McNally's real first name is Andrea, the name of her mother's best friend.

  • Quotes

    • Sam Swarek: (after wishing Tommy a happy birthday in the middle of the night) You're lucky you're cute.
      Andy McNally: Wanna get some food?
      Sam Swarek: No, I'm gonna go sleep in my own bed in case you remember another birthday.
      Andy McNally: Ah, there's nobody else. Just me and my dad. Hey, when am I gonna meet your family anyway?
      Sam Swarek: Uh, you'll meet my family when I wanna punish or torture you. Hey, you wanna go meet my family?

    • Andy McNally: (wakes up in the middle of the night) It's dad's birthday!
      Sam Swarek: (half asleep) What?
      Andy McNally: In 20 minutes it's offically over. (switches on the light)
      Sam Swarek: Andy. Oh! Can you please turn that off?
      Andy McNally: You gotta get up.
      Sam Swarek: Wh-why? What are you talking about?
      Andy McNally: We'll go to the service station. Uh, they'll have some cake-like things there. Maybe even some balloons.
      Sam Swarek: Andy, would you get back into bed, please?
      Andy McNally: It's my dad's birthday. I cannot believe I forgot. It's my job to remember.
      Sam Swarek: Well, maybe he had plans, you know?
      Andy McNally: He has no plans, 'cause he only has me. And now you. So, let's go.

    • Andy McNally: Promise me something.
      Sam Swarek: Go.
      Andy McNally: If things go south with us, you know, and I don't want them to, I hope they don't, but if they do, then don't - don't just walk out the door, okay? Let's promise to work at it.
      Sam Swarek: You won't get rid of me without a fight.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Lulls" by Jasmine Ash (Andy drags Swarek out of bed in the middle of the night to go see her dad, having just realized that it is his birthday)
      "Ever Could" by William Fitzsimmons (Andy and Swarek discuss their relationship and the return of her estranged mother)

    • Additional credits:
      Heather Crepp - Set Supervisor
      Trina Grismondi - Assistant Costume Designer
      Allison Barber - Publicist
      Caitlin Cronenberg - Stills Photographer

    • The episode was shot on location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    • Special billing was given to Ben Bass (and) for this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United States - July 5, 2012 on ABC
      United Kingdom - September 30, 2012 on Universal Channel/Universal Channel HD
      Czech Republic - October 16, 2012 on Universal Channel

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