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  • Another great show

    Well there goes another great show in the canceled pile. They cancel great shows like this but keep dumb stuff like the Big Bang theory 2 broke girls and so many other dumb shows
  • Nick is soooo hot

    Nick is so hot...

    Andy makes a great couple with both Nick and Sam but she should stick to Sam.

    Higher position at work more money etc...
  • Nick & Andy?

    Am I the only one that is disappointed that Andy broke up with Nick? I used to want Sam & Andy to be together until Nick & Andy became a couple. Nevertheless, I really enjoy the show and all the characters.
  • Season 5

    Where's the new season? It started last night........
  • Best show ever

    I just love this show its amazing!

    honestly i was giving up on Canadian tv shows, it seemed that a lot of them were cheesy, predictable and unrelated but one day i heard of this rookie tv show so i looked it up watched an episode and absolutely fell in love with it. Thank you so much for such an amazing show that i look forward to every Thursday (when the episodes are on) and every season
  • The beat goes on

    we defiantly know Rookie blue will return on a cliff hanger Sam, Nick, Andy, Dove and Chloe and her unknown husband wow we'll have something to look forward too.
  • Sam & Andy

    Will they ever get back together. Just isn't right seeing them with other people. But how will Sam get over her sleeping with entire precinct? Gotta get those two hitched.
  • Disappointed

    Nick & Andy are NOT right for each other. They don't have that chemistry that she had with Sam. They hooked up in the first season, then in the second one and the third. There was always something there. She didn't had with Luke or Nick what she had with Sam. So please, bring Andy and Sam back together. They were perfect for each other.

    Who's next? She'll be with Epstein, Chris or even Oliver? One at the time until she finishes with the precint.
  • Love It

    I got into at first because I found out Missy Peregrym was on it,she played a character named Andy and a love interest was named Sam since I watched her on Reaper where my favorite couple was Sam & I watch it because it's actually a good show as well
  • Pretty Amazing Show,Can't wait for Season 4!

    This show is great and exciting,cant wait to watch season to see more of Luke and Andy.
  • Can't wait for the next season!!

    Love this show, cannot wait to see what happens next season
  • Best TV Show in a long time!!!

    I love how real and authentic their characters are. So refreshing to have a TV Show where Characters actually care about one another, no drama, no vindictive bs. Real life Problems that are taken like adults and not a bunch of immature drama snots. And is has a good Amount of Humor too.

    I watched all 3 Seasons already at least 4 times :)
  • Best shows on tv.

    Up there with NYPD Blue. Simple idea for a show but what a wonderful idea.GREAT!!
  • This is a great show !!!

    At first I didn't think it was going to be great, but I was wrong. These rookies start off knowing nothing and become experts as times gooes on. I am finishing up Season 1 and this show is great. It has action, comedy, romance and drama, everything you could possibly want ! My new favorite potential couple is Sann (Sam and Andy).
  • I'm in love with Rookie Blue!

    I love this show! I actually shed a tear because it'll be close to a year before I can watch a new episode. Awesome awesome show
  • Love it!!

    I've loved this show since the first episode! BUT...I have never EVER been as distraught as I was when Jerry was killed. I'm telling you I was a mess!! I coudn't stop crying! And I NEVER act like that over a movie, or show! I'm def still mouring the loss lol but I still love the show nonetheless...just didn't see that one coming! :(
  • Great Show

    After seeing just one episode I was hooked on the show. It has a great cast.

    I've been following this show since season 1 and really fell in-love with it in season 2. Now... that the show is in it's 3rd season, it is absolutely incredible! I love how the writers went about exploring different characters this season and how they are shining the spotlight on every character individually!

    This show is worth waiting for all year round - summer television is no longer boring!

    I am particularly happy that we already know there is going to be a season 4!

    Go Rookie Blue!
  • I just love this show

    This show has everything in it. It's just excellent. I love it.
  • Best Show Ever!!!!

    This is one of the best shows ever. It's funny, entertaining, dramatic, and best of all realistic. The action is great and so is everything else about this show. The producer would be a fool to ever end this show. If abc ever cancels or switches this to a different channel they will definitely be losing a lot of viewers. Plus they wouldn't have any good shows anymore. This show is a must keep for many years to come!
  • i love this show

    I am addicted to the show I watch Law and Order shows but this one is my favorite of many I love how they all are getting along and the rookies become best friends it works because andy and traci are best friends and dov and chris are best friends and oliver and sam are too
  • I love this show and it's staying strong for the second season!

    This show is they Greys Anatomy of the police force! Like in GA, newbies in their profession, the characters struggle to gain experience while dealing with personal drama, be it falling for co-workers, dealing with annoying family situations, or their internal struggles.

    Unlike other cop shows, and LIKE Greys' Anatomy, the storyline focuses on the characters' lives and being a cop is just one part of a big puzzle. I think the writers are doing a great job developing the characters, and making the storyline believable, and how each episode isn't about just one story line. The charcters' development is pretty well balanced throughout the season. The cast I also think is excellent. Great chemistry on and off screen among the actors! While I wish it was a regular season show, I also think that being a summer series is a big plus, because the show doesn't get lost in the long list of senior prime-time shows that it would have to compete with, even though I do think it can hold its own even if it was a regular season show.

    If season 3 is as good as the first two, I do believe this show has the potential to be a long-running series.
  • Great one!


    When you had a bad day, it's great way to boost yourself. So what if it's not 100% real, I have enough real stuff in my own life, I want great past time TV show relax. If I want to educate myself I read a book, when I want to relax I watch Sam Swarek and enjoy myself. Can't wait season 3!

  • Badges 2



    By CliffordBreid, Aug 03, 2012

    I only have one question, why don't they wear badges? This is the first police drama that I watched that the cops did not wear badges..

    Your answer, Clifford:

    Because they are Canadian cops. Most of the cop shows on TV are set in American cities where they wear badges on their uniforms but it's different here in Canada. The series is set in Toronto. That's the Toronto skyline you see in the opening when it says "Rookie Blue" and it often shows the CN Tower.

    Even though it does not explicitly state it, the setting of the show is in Toronto. They often refer to Toronto streets and landmarks, and nearby Canadian towns like Timmins, and Scarborough. You occasionally see Canadian money as well.
  • A friggin month???????????

    I know that I dont necessarily treat this show like I would a normal season favorite, but I have become use to watching it in the summer schedule. And whilst I knew it wasn't going to air instead of the NBA finals, I did NOT know it would be close to a month before I get to see the next episode, and now I am seriously bummed. This time of year is fun for tv, Rookie Blue, masterchef, Wilfred, you don't have to follow them religiously but you can enjoy them and now i have to wait a month. I am not loving ABCs programming people right now.

  • One of the best shows of the summer.


    This show is something else I have not usually gotten into many summer dramas but this showed me how great summer shows can be. This show mixes what I love about crime procedural but keeps me excited for next weeks episode. It is show mainly about five rookies mainly Andy and how she is working through her life as a Toronto city cop. This show is kind of what I would call Grey Anatomy just with more Bad A$$ action. All I know is I will be tuning in for the Summer's to come.

  • Mucking it up again

    Another great foreign (maybe not that foreign, Canada, but still) show that was built up to be very entertaining only to be bought by an American media company (ABC) and completely mucked up.

    I'm looking forward to companies like NetFlix and Hulu to come up with quality shows so they can finally raise the bar for the media giants who are currently infatuated with reality tv.

  • Rookie Blue ( #1)

    Currently, the best ,cop program, ever. A "must watch"! Love the shows dialogue. Don't pick on Andy. She isn't boring at all. Love her character, plus, her cuteness. Also, I agree with the majority of viewers, that Sam & Andy stay as a couple.
  • Did Chris need some real time off from the show?

    The whole drug/rehab thing happened fast! Lets get this boy back to work! I also want to see Andy and Sam stay together and I have a friend who wants to see Season SIX open with their wedding!!

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