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  • Started Strong, Fall Apart Quickly

    Season one of Rookie Blue had me absolutely hooked. The writing seemed strong, as did the character development. But, before I could say the words, "General Hospital", Rookie Blue went from being a strong police drama, focused on the ups and downs of being a rookie-in-blue to being nothing more than a watered down soap opera that is more about who is in who's bed, rather than the trials and tribulations of police work. That is not even considering the fact that if a police officer screwed up as many times in the real world as the characters in Rookie Blue have screwed up, they would be fired, on the spot. If you're looking for a sleek police drama that makes you genuinely care about its characters, watch season one. If you are looking for a soap opera focused on which co-worker the lead is sleeping with, this week, feel free to pick the show up, right where it's at.
  • Rookie Boo!!!

    I thought maybe it was me, but danharvell1 said it all. It is not the show it was in season one.
  • The worst cop show I've ever seen

    Really, this show is so bad that I couldn't finish the pilot, I couldn't get past 11th minute, when they have to search the transexual, which was an awkward situation bordering silliness and not the first one: these rookies just don't seem to have had any kind of training, I get the whole "life on the street is an entirely different beast", but Not being able to use a damned radio? asking about drawing a gun? asking to bring the gun home? absurd. No one in the cast save himself (or helself) about the acting part (terrible, especially missy peregrym). The most incredible part is that this show got the premiere with the HIGHEST ratings (a 2.0 in 18-49) of all summer broadcast shows. Even If I'm fairly sure the audience will go away pretty fast I'm stunned anyway.
  • it started out pretty good but it showed its true nature after a few episodes... too bad. i kinda liked it.

    it started as rookie cops trying to get by the day without making any errors that would cost them or their fellow officers their lives but it ended up turning into a series of love sick puppies and love triangles. kinda like grey's anatomy, it is set in the hospital but its not a Medical Show. i now respect "Days of our lives" or "The Bold and something" for showing what it really is, soaps. Rookie blue is just a wannabe cop show quickly spiraling like a hurricane into their own world of Oz. please follow the yellow brick road and get back to what Rookie Blue should really be about.
  • How

    I cannot stand the character Andy and she spoils it for me every week,I don't think she's a very good actress either, she couldn't even muster up a decent (pretend) cry in last night's episode,she has no morals either and is constantly messing up at work, yet gets away with it!! I am LOVING chloe and Dov and Gail's finding herself is very interesting, well Gail is my favorite character in any case,send that stupid Andy back to cadet school and she can then sleep with all the newbies.
  • Greys Anatomy with cops and hotter chicks


    This show is watchable, but it is so much like Greys Anatomy, its unreal. I am sure there will be a lesbian affair some time soon. I like to see the sites of Toronto and think its funny they never mention the city by name, yet use all the real street names and neighbourhoods and show the CN tower in all the cityscape shots/

  • A glazed doughnut

    As cop shows go, Rookie Blue is about as original as a glazed doughnut. I'm not sure why I keep watching it... Maybe because, despite the empty calories, I find comfort in its predicable sugary goodness? But that kind of cuteness just seems odd in a police drama now we've become accustomed to the rough social realism of shows like Southland or The Wire. Maybe it's the never ending excitement of watching Missy Peregrim choose between blond McPerfect and dark McSexy? (no wait, that's why I watch Grey's Anatomy). Guess I'll just have to keep watching until I figure it out.
  • Rookie Blue

    when are they going to put back on Rookie Blue on TV
  • what's with the breaks?

    I like watching Rookie Blue, but this season I don't understand why the heck they keep taking such long breaks...... We're only on episode 4!!! What's up with that?
  • Badge?

    I only have one question, why don't they wear badges? This is the first police drama that I watched that the cops did not wear badges... Plus Enuka Okuma is damed HOT.
  • Awesome

    Well, there's a lot to talk about Rookie Blue. But I'm not sure what all there is to say about it in the end. This is a great TV show. The characters are pretty nice. They are definitely people that I enjoy watching. There is a nice comedy aspect of the show which is enjoyable. Plus, the drama is pretty good as well. I regret not seeing more of it when it was on, although I'm planning on getting the DVDs of it so I can see it all. But what I saw of it was a nice show.
  • Great show!

    Love the cops in this show! If you're looking for another show with some great cop characters watch Reckless!
  • A guilty pleasure

    Writers play fast and loose with workplace procedures, police procedures, and real life, but it's a really, really fun show anyway.
  • Not Emmy worthy, but definitely interesting.

    I stumbled upon this show by accident: I was browsing through Hulu, looking for something interesting to watch. When I saw the name of this show, I was apprehensive. Another cop show? I nearly passed it up, but I was bored enough to sit through the pilot episode. 9 episodes later, I must say that this show did not disappoint. I was skeptical at first, having been spoiled by shows such as Law & Order and CSI, I was certain that this could not compare. I was right, however, the episodes so far have delivered exactly what I was looking for: a show interesting enough to keep me coming back for more. It is different from the usual cop shows in that it offers a more personal look into the characters lives. This allows the characters to become more real, and I admit that I have teared up once or twice along with the characters. All in all, if you are searching for the next best cop show, this is not it. If all you need is an hour of decent writing, acting, and entertainment, then this may be the show for you.
  • Andy is getting boring

    She keeps getting in trouble and she is an idiot. She also makes a stupid face every time she gets in trouble. She also failed terribly in handling the rookie Moore. Price is a better character she should be focused more in the coming episodes rather than Andy. Andy is getting boring.
  • Show sticks to its guns! (no pun intended)


    Developing storyline

    Fresh characters

    Winning formula
  • A clever title goes here!

    Love the show!! I hope that it's coming back.
  • Light entertainment for a season or two.

    As my fellow reviewers already pointed out, this is propably not one of the all time great cop shows. And I don't think it is trying to be.
    I like the idea of following a group of rookies around, watching them getting their feet wet for the forst time in the "rough real world". I like the characters and the way they have their own demons. I like the older cops that smile - and sometimes downright laugh - at the rookies. It's all a fun mix without too much depth.
    And this is where I think this show will stuble. The shallowness of (most of) the charaters and the fact that - as the title sais - we are dealing with the story of rookies. These rookies will be not be rookies much longer and I just hope that the writers can make that transition.
  • Not bad, not bad at all.

    This isn't one of the all time great police dramas, but it's worth a look. When it comes to police dramas there are some truly outstanding shows from the past that provide the yardstick by which a show like this is measured. Rookie Blue doesn't come close to masterpieces like Hill Street Blues or NYPD Blue, but it was definitely worth a look and I don't feel that an hour of my time has been wasted. The characters are interesting and show a lot of potential for some interesting development, and Ill be waiting to see how far the writers can take this show. Promising, but we'll see.

    I had the pleasure of watching the episode "Best Man" and entertained, one boo boo though, Great police work by Andy and Sam as they accepted the word of "the explosives guy" that it was Oliver without as much as verifying the information by asking what the guy looked like or showing a photo of Oliver. I realise it was probably to extend the drama until the next episode so the culprit could be fingered differently but it such bad police work from the cream of the crop, I guess we all have our off days.

    If Sam and Andy do not stay together I will quit watching the show - give Nick someone else but let Sam and Andy play out. They are adults and have to learn to deal with adult relationships and feelings. Every couple struggle with certain things because men and women are very different, but let it grow and mature -
  • I get to learn about the life as a cop.

    They tell and show you how intense the situations become.... cooool. This show is my partner in crime!
  • Great new show!

    I really like this show, and I'm hoping it will get renewed. Every episode seems to draw me in more and more. At first I didn't really know how long they could drag out the rookie-idea, but apparently there is a lot you can do by being a cop ;)
    The characters are very diverse, but each of them likeable in some sort of way. Andy ofcourse, seems to carry the show more than the others and shows the most promise for a carreer in detective work.
    I like the dynamic of the characters, especially the rookies with their training officers. Noelle is great, being tough and strict at one timme, and vulnerable at the other. Although she struggles with personal issues, when it counts, she is all about the job.
    In short, this is a show you must watch, it's addictive. It's the sort of show that slowly takes you in and then you find yourself looking forward to a new episode every week just to see what happens. They have enough storylines to keep them going for at least a season or two, and I hope there will be more!
  • Mucking it up again

    Another great foreign (maybe not that foreign, Canada, but still) show that was built up to be very entertaining only to be bought by an American media company (ABC) and completely mucked up.

    I'm looking forward to companies like NetFlix and Hulu to come up with quality shows so they can finally raise the bar for the media giants who are currently infatuated with reality tv.

  • Rookie Blue ( #1)

    Currently, the best ,cop program, ever. A "must watch"! Love the shows dialogue. Don't pick on Andy. She isn't boring at all. Love her character, plus, her cuteness. Also, I agree with the majority of viewers, that Sam & Andy stay as a couple.
  • Did Chris need some real time off from the show?

    The whole drug/rehab thing happened fast! Lets get this boy back to work! I also want to see Andy and Sam stay together and I have a friend who wants to see Season SIX open with their wedding!!

  • Loving this show

    I started watching this because of Gail and Holly but I also love the rest of the show! It's great
  • Looking ahead...

    I am new at this so I might be off topic here, but has anyone else noticed that Ben Bass does not appear in the cast for episodes 12 (Every Man) & 13 (I Never)?

    After the loss of Det. Barber, better not take out Swarek too, he's vital to this ensemble cast.
  • Unexpected

    I read the premise and saw the images of the show and thought this would be a joke. But I really like Missy Peregrym (reaper) and thought that it was worth a watch. It's not your typical cop show but after a few episodes I was hooked. And yes Missy is definitely one of the reasons but it's but the writing the cast are part of the appeal.
  • Badges 2



    By CliffordBreid, Aug 03, 2012

    I only have one question, why don't they wear badges? This is the first police drama that I watched that the cops did not wear badges..

    Your answer, Clifford:

    Because they are Canadian cops. Most of the cop shows on TV are set in American cities where they wear badges on their uniforms but it's different here in Canada. The series is set in Toronto. That's the Toronto skyline you see in the opening when it says "Rookie Blue" and it often shows the CN Tower.

    Even though it does not explicitly state it, the setting of the show is in Toronto. They often refer to Toronto streets and landmarks, and nearby Canadian towns like Timmins, and Scarborough. You occasionally see Canadian money as well.
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