Rookie Blue - Season 4

ABC (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Homecoming
    Episode 2

    On her first day back, Andy must work a bank robbery case with newly promoted Swarek. A woman's viewpoint on her life with her husband gives Nick perspective on his life with Gail. Frank has a surprise for Noelle.

  • 9/12/13

    With the shooter's strategy playing out according to plan, Oliver's fellow officers start to piece together a past crime looking for clues to find him. Dov and Wes face off about Chloe as the squad frantically looks for Oliver. But it may be too late for some of the officers of 15 Division when the shooter's plan is finally exposed.

  • Surprises
    Episode 1

    While still undercover working the meth pipeline, Nick and Andy go missing which puts Swarek and the other officers of 15 Division into the middle of a rescue operation. With the demands of her job, Andy tries to figure out how to cope with the changes in her life.

  • Skeletons
    Episode 6

    A possible copycat could be responsible for a missing girl so Detective Callaghan is brought in to lead the investigation. Bringing back memories of that traumatic case forces Gail to confront her fears. Traci faces up to the fact that she must move on from Jerry, while Andy and Sam must face up to the real reason they broke up.

  • Friday the 13th
    Episode 7

    An old missing persons case of Swarek's re-opens with the discovery of human bones in a ravine. Swarek teams up again with his old training officer, Charlie Walsh, to solve the case but a look at Charlie's life has Swarek rethinking his. Dov and Chloe have to deal with a witch and her disgruntled client.

  • You Are Here
    Episode 10

    A marijuana bust turns into Traci's first homicide case putting her up against Steve Peck. Andy, Gail and Nick put in some overtime to help Traci out with the murder case. Swarek, Oliver, Chris and Dov head to Oliver's new cabin for the weekend. Andy and Sam each have something to confess.

  • Under Fire
    Episode 12

    An unknown shooter out for revenge leaves Andy and Chloe blindsided when they respond to a 911 call. When another attack occurs at a later 911 call, 15 Division realizes they're being targeted. As they run down suspects and attend to their duties, Oliver comes face to face with the shooter.

  • Deception
    Episode 11

    After a suspected pedophile is found brutally beaten, Andy finds out that Marlo has been conducting an unauthorized investigation into the man. Swarek insists that Andy cover for Marlo. A major drug sweep takes an unanticipated turn when Swarek deviates from the investigation to help Marlo.

  • Poison Pill
    Episode 5

    Andy and Marlo make a drug arrest but the drugs turn out to be tainted with deadly bacteria. While Swarek leads the effort to get the drugs off the streets, Andy and Marlo must go thru decontamination. Dov suspects Chloe is hiding something which puts a damper on their growing romance.

  • 6/27/13

    When a crucial decision has to be made while confronting an out of control person, Andy and Officer Cruz find themselves at odds and one of them has to pull the trigger. 15 Division needs to find the armed robber targeting ATMs. Dov's one night stand with Frank's goddaughter, Chloe, becomes awkward when they are forced to work together. Although Andy and Dov both have proved their mettle with 15 Division, they soon learn the importance of a fresh perspective while on the job.

  • 8/8/13

    Frank and Noelle's wedding is here, but first 15 Division must find the robbers who held up a casino-bound bus full of seniors citizens. Later, preparations are amiss when Traci can't find the bride. Andy and Nick share a strangely intimate moment.

  • What I Lost
    Episode 9

    Chris' reunion with 15 Division is turned upside down when his son, Christian, is kidnapped. Swarek has to deal with Andy and Nick's growing rapport. Chris's whole world might come crashing down with the identity of Christian's abductor.

  • 7/11/13

    After the suspect shooting involving Marlo, Andy is ready for a much needed long weekend after her shift is over. Working a routine highway spot check with Gail, they find a teenage boy bound and gagged in the trunk of a car and a tale of young love. Andy must convince the boy that heartache doesn't last forever but she's not sure she believes that herself. Oliver, Swarek and Chris track a gunman who shot a teenager who might have a gang affiliation.