Rookie Blue

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Dov is paired with Noelle for the day and takes down a repeat criminal, with a little bit of help from kids with a slingshot. After a brief lecture, he lets the kids go and the squad is happy with the success of this bust. 15 Division decides to set up a sting operation. The rookies go undercover as sales people at a local car dealership. The operation involves telling people with warrants that they've won a car in order to lure them to the dealership. After the identity of the individual has been confirmed, and the code phrase, "Bohemian Rhapsody," have been given, an officer will perform the arrest.

Sam does a great job making arrests. Dov slips up when he's unable to fully detail the fake contest and his suspect begins to flee. Sam is able to catch the suspect but Andy and Traci's suspect, Leigh, escapes during the commotion. She has a warrant for her arrest for not paying her bills after her struggle with her husband's death. Traci and Andy help her out and convince her to call her daughter for help.

One of the arrested suspects generates a lead to a hidden meth lab. Chris and Dov go to check it out but learn that the lab is booby trapped and Dov's head is almost blown off by a rigged shotgun. He also steps on top of a pressurized floor panel and if he moves, a bomb will blow the whole place up. Chris stays with Dov while he tries to stay put until backup comes to help. The bomb squad arrives and Dov is safely rescued.

Dov returns to the station and feels like a screw up again. Even Gail is nice to him and tells him that he's the only one that feels that way. Chris decides to remove his application for the Mounted Police Unit but Dov makes him promise that they both go for all the things that they really want and the best man should win.

Dex moved out of Traci's house; he didn't want to live a lie with her anymore. Frank and Noelle go to dinner and Andy contemplates getting in touch with her mother who abandoned the family when she was young. Luke is still healing but can't wait to get back to work so he accepts Jo's request to do some undercover work. Part of the job requires him to pose as lovers with Jo and she takes the opportunity to kiss him. The arrest is made and old feelings come back as Luke and Jo head upstairs to the hotel room.

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