Rookie Blue

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2010 on ABC

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  • An intense season finale - where all the skills learned in previous episodes are put to the test....

    ______ What Worked ______

    Wow. I was watching that episode hugging my knees to my chest. So intense. There were points when I was actually yelling advice at the characters. See, now THAT is great writing - when you can actually get your audience to participate. Although, this does create an unavoidable problem…. It makes us feel like we OWN the characters. And when they do stuff that we don't like… haha, let's just say it gets us a little ticked-off.[ To be continued in the next section….]

    Anyway, one of the strongest parts of the episode was seeing Sam performing at his best. Getting to see Sam working undercover was a fabulous call-back to the first episode – and a good reminder to why we fell in love with this show. But this time, it was made obvious why Sam was picked to go undercover for those 8 months. The guy is brilliant – especially when it matters most. The way Sam treated Andy, like an equal (not a rookie), was a nice growth between the two. Plus the amount of faith Sam had in Andy was very touching.

    Chis and Gail was heart-wrenching. Being a claustrophobic person, just having them trapped in that room was enough for me, but the plot thickened, and it was Chris' life on the line. It was so nice to see Gail's character grow a little bit this episode - into a person with a heart, and someone who can put her own problems aside to deal with someone else.

    Also, I loved the ending –- woah! Just had to dodge some pitchforks from a mob of raging Sam + Andy fans. But hold on "Sandy" lovers, let me explain -- I loved the VERY ending with the rookies sitting on the car, all proud of themselves, and then another cop comes by and tells them to get off. I thought it was cute.

    Seeing as the 'Sandy' mob has lost at least a few of there pitchforks, I'm coming out with it – I like Luke. Just to be clear, I like Sam BETTER, but Luke is a good guy. The only thing Luke and Andy are missing is chemistry. But Luke genuinely cares about Andy, and seeing him go on that assignment, showed that he will do just about anything for her. He's a good boyfriend; I'm going to feel bad for him when Andy breaks his heart.

    _______ What Didn't Work _________

    Ok, "Sandy" fans, here it is. The ending didn't quite work. I mean, I was literally having a panic attack thinking Sam died (so stupid because obviously a main character wouldn't die) – but that is what your fabulous writing did. The problem was, when Sam was revealed… The audience was more relieved than Andy was. And at that point, the audience essentially IS Andy. She got over the scare much too quickly. For a character with too much empathy, it would have been nice to see her care a little more. I think a hug was at least in order. Come on now.

    Then the issue of Andy moving in with Luke… It just didn't work for me. Let's remember the earlier episodes where Andy would run off after a night with Luke. How is she going to stand living with him, where there is nowhere to run? Wait a second -- did I just have an insight to season two? -- There is going to be nowhere for Andy to run – EXCEPT to Sam. If I'm onto something here, maybe the moving in did work for me. Tracy is a wonderful character… who we never get to see in action. I really hope that changes in season two. It's her turn to shine. _______________________________________________________ How it Could Be Improved _______

    You know, as intense as this episode was. It was kind of anti-climatic and deus ex machina just to have SWAT rush in and save the day. It almost felt like an extra 15 pages – or minutes – was missing from the show.

    What I think should have happened, IS to have Andy go with the drug dealer to the different location, leaving Sam behind. It could have easily been created to have none of the drug dealers know what Edie looked like – so Andy's cover would have been safe.

    Sam could then have quickly taken care of the kid left in charge, arresting him so he is able run back to the police van…

    Where Luke is freaking out because Andy is alone with this gang – she has no backup, no radio, no gun, and very little experience.

    Sam has faith in Andy, but he nervous himself. The cops drive over to the building.

    Inside, Andy is getting in over her head. Lying to two people was much easier than lying to a gang. They are getting suspicious, or maybe it's just in her head. But Andy sticks to her story – she is there to see the drugs. When she sees them, she goes into a separate room to make the phone call to her boyfriend (Sam). The room Andy walks into is the room with Chris and Gail.

    Back in the van, Luke and Sam are between working together and fighting one another over what to do about Andy. Luke insists on going in after her. Sam tells him that will just get them both shot. Luke knows he is right, but he can't just sit and do nothing. But neither can Sam… fortunately, his cell phone rings, and it's Andy.

    SWAT is sent in. Seeing the dire situation Chris is in, Andy also tells Sam to send in a medic – but suddenly the door bursts open and the gang has their guns pointed on Andy, Chris and Gail.

    Andy abruptly stops talking and the sound of GUNSHOTS echo through Sam's phone. Luke and Sam pale. Sam draws his gun and bolts out of the car.

    As Sam tries to push through SWAT, he can't see Andy anywhere. But he can see pools of blood on the ground. He tries to hold himself together...

    All of a sudden, Andy is running up to Sam. She's ok. It was SWAT who did the shooting at the gang. Sam, who's always so together, is shaken up. Andy's not used to seeing him like this. She never realized how much he cares about her – neither did Sam…

    ...... Hmmm. Yep. Something more like that. =)
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