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  • Season 1
    • 1/6/09

      Rookie Dennis Cooper gets the chance to participate in a narcotics hit, solve a robbery, and disperse some rowdy kids, which he considers great opportunities to use his "cop voice". Unfortunately, rookie Elton Johnson can't seem to find his "cop voice".

    • 11/18/08

      FTO Michael Pizzolato is concerned that rookie officer, Vincent Capo's shyness and difficulty in communicating with others will hold him back. And Rookie officer Kevin McGuffie gets paired with no-nonsense FTO Danny Bostic.

    • 12/30/08

      Normally brave rookie Amy Hess must confront her fear of being attacked by German Shepherds. Rookie Tommie Tolbert must face his biggest test in the field so far during a routine traffic stop.

    • 11/25/08

      Charles' military experience gives him a leg up, but his know-it-all attitude isn't making him popular with his FTO Greg. Nick Buttone dreamed of becoming a cop, and as the top-ranked marksman in his academy class he's eager for action.

    • 1/13/09

      Rookie April Levine must face one of the horrible realities of being a police officer: going to a scene where there's a dead body. Rookie Tommie Tolbert causes his FTO to become concerned over the rookie's poor driving abilites.

    • 11/11/08

      Rookie Rebecca Webster makes a potentially fatal mistake ten weeks into her field training, and to make matters worse, her rookie boyfriend becomes concerned for her saftey after recieving an emergency call.

    • 2/3/09

      For Rookies like Amy Hess, even previously simple tasks like driving a car become very complicated. So when Amy is asked to put on the lights and sirens of her car and race "code" to calls, the question becomes: "Will she get there at all?"

    • Jefferson: Riding Solo
      Rookie Henry Conravey has completed his training, and must be evaluated by his sergent, but he soon has doubts as to whether he'll pass. Chris Cade is the youngest rookie in his class, and while he develops a bond with his FTO, he soon learns that his FTO isn't afraid to chastise him for his mistakes.moreless
    • 11/10/08

      Rookie Elton Johnson is a self-proclaimed country boy from Alabama who just wants to get into "the action". And action is exactly what Elton gets when he is the arresting officer on a drug sting operation and arrests a violent racist drunk.

    • 12/9/08

      Rebecca Webster was the only female rookie in her Academy class. She knows that as a woman in a man's world, she's going to have to work twice as hard to prove herself. However, Rebecca's rush to do everything on her own just might backfire on her.

    • 11/3/08
      Rookie Dennis Cooper's wife is about to give birth to a baby girl. Dennis is asked to control an angry juvenile arrested on gun charges, then restrain a grieving a husband after a tragic hit and run accident.
    • 12/2/08

      Rookie Mark Monson's eagerness to do well in training is making him prone to make mistakes, something his FTO Denise Liccardi is quick to note. Rookie Henry Conravey however, is quite confident that he will do well in training, since he is a former marine, but things don't go according to plan for him.

    • 10/27/08
      Petite Rookie Amy Hess may look like the girl next door, but after a week where she pushes a car, tests crack for the first time, and participates in her first SWAT hit, will she be able to prove "size doesn't matter"?
    • 10/28/08
      Mark Monson completed 12 weeks of field training and is about to be assessed by his sergeant...for the second time. During his first evaluation Mark choked and had to go back and train longer with his FTO.
    • One More Time
      One More Time
      Episode 3
      Mark Monson completed 12 weeks of field training and is about to be assessed by his sergeant, for the second time. During his first evaluation, Mark choked and went back to train longer. His law enforcement career rides on his performance tonight.
    • 10/21/08
      Rookies A.J. Cafaro and Hugh Herndon must face the realities of police work on the streets of Tampa, and both must come to a decision as to whether being a police officer is the right choice for them.
    • 10/21/08
      Rookie Josh Norris aspires to one day become Deputy of the Month, but first he must get through his field training while patrolling one of the worst drug neighborhoods in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.
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