Room 401

Tuesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jul 17, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Episode 108
      Episode 108
      Episode 8
      In this episode of Room 401, a women finds a cop eating donuts, but by surprise, he coughs them back up too! One women is amazed when she sees somebody walking on water. Liquid nitrogen freezes everything it touches right? Well somebody finds that out the hard way. While guys are setting up for a bachelor party, they think they might have killed the stripper.moreless
    • 8/21/07
      On the season finale of Room 401 a cop has problems eating donuts. Plus, a miraculous water rescue, a stripper vanishes and a man gets frozen by liquid nitrogen.
    • Episode 107
      Episode 107
      Episode 7
      In this episode of Room 401, somebody discovers a crossbow range isn't the best place to go for a first date. Also, somebody has a run in with the food processor when wearing jewelry. While somebody is cleaning a dead person's apartment, they accidentally look in a mirror to be surprised. Ever been caught with a fake I.D? Well, this one girl's got cut up, but a little rubbing can change anything.moreless
    • 8/21/07
      Inside Room 401 on this episode more death-defying tales where a man takes an arrow to the stomach, another gets his hand caught in a meat processor and more.
    • Episode 106
      Episode 106
      Episode 6
      In this episode of Room 401, a cab full of friends run into an aggressive begger that won't give up. While hikers are walking in the night, they stumble upon a crying girl. A plumber runs into a snake while unclogging a drain unexpectedly. While a women is doing her laundry she sees a mental health inmate pop out of a basket.moreless
    • 8/14/07
      Inside Room 401 on this episode four more horrifying and bizarre tales that prove you can't always trust what you see.
    • Episode 105
      Episode 5
      In this episode of Room 401, a little construction job turns into a 'pain in the nose'... literally. Also, somebody trying to fix a lever in a bowling alley, lose's his arm. While trying to get some extra cash by working with TV's, this guy ends up seeing people coming out of the TV unexpectedly. While a man is enjoying his wasabi in this restaurant, he ends up shooting fire... from his mouth!moreless
    • Episode 104
      Episode 4
      In this episode of Room 401, a blood bank worker sees a guy give his own blood when in a hurry. One women sees what real damage can happen when you get your hair done. A young man stopping in the middle of the road while having car problems gets hit by and oncoming bus... or does he? One girl sees herself in the papers obituary while trying to wash her clothes.moreless
    • Episode 103
      Episode 3
      In this episode of Room 401, some weird things happen. A couple of friends go into a hot tub, coming out sixty years older. A special delivery sent to a box shop, ending up with a live human jumping out! Two friends want to go see the Hollywood sign, but while one girl is waiting, she sees someone die... or does she? A blind date turns wrong, when a guy eats poisonous fish which makes the restaurant an operating room.moreless
    • Episode 102
      Episode 102
      Episode 2
      In this episode of Room 401 there is a chainsaw accident gone bad by cutting an ice sculptor in half, but still alive. Also, two guys find a mysterious head in a jar, and shows signs of movement. A taxi driver magically rises into the air escaping from the cops when stopped. A bus ride went bizarre when a guy can't keep his head on his own shoulders.moreless
    • 7/24/07
      Inside this creepy episode of Room 401 a chainsaw accident cuts an ice sculptor in two, an old head inside a jar shows signs of life, a taxi driver floats out of a speeding ticket, and a sickly bus rider loses his head, literally.
    • Episode 101
      Episode 1
      This was the pilot of Room 401. In this episode two girls go for sushi to encounter another customer's bad react to shell crab. A couple at the bowling alley get shocked when a maintenance guy can help them out with an arcade game. A new employee sees his coworker burn his hand while frying... or does he?moreless