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Tuesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jul 17, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • MTV brings you a new reality show from Punk'd creators Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg that catches people's reactions as they are presented with a spooky world of illusion and supernatural experiences.

    Room 401 is the greatest supernatural show ever to appear on MTV. I love it's maturity in the blood, gore, and special effects from the "Lend A Hand" skit. That part was bugging me out! I ain't know what was going on. Ofcorse I knew it wasn't real and It was all fake, but it was still awesome in every way. I also like the skit "Toy Claw". That was really creepy! I still don't know how they did that. In a sort of way, it was pretty cool how that guy stuck his arm "through" the glass window without breaking or making a scratch on it. Room 401 is a well developed show. It was so unoriginal and outstanding.
  • Awesome

    Room 401 is show where illusionists play pranks on unsuspecting victims. The pranks are not the funny kind either, they are the creepy and totally unexpected kind! This show is soo cool and disturbing at times,sometimes the pranks can be a little stupid and kinda out there but that's okay this show is still really cool and interesting to watch. Room 401 kinda replaced Punk'd on Mtv, I was never a huge "Punk'd" fan so that's okay I like this show much more. My favorite pranks so far have been the one where the two girls keep seeing the face in the mirror in the motel room and I also like the mental patient on the loose episode. Overall I think it deserves an A+++
  • Jared Padalecki is enough 2 watch this show 4 me! really funny

    Hey who better 2 host a show than the extremely hot Jared Padalecki. Ashton Kutcher has a truley twisted sense of humor... which i find hysterical. this show pulls off pranks on poor people who have no clue and makes them believe they are seeing the most redicilous things. like bugs comming out of some guys chest.
    Who better to pull pranks on poeple thatn the punk'ed master mind Ashton Kutcher, and who better to host a creppy show than Supernatural's amazingley sexy Jared Padalecki.
    I can't wait to see more epsiodes. a show that hopefully will be a big as punk'ed.
  • Just a TV series of horro. Instead of having films of different horrors, they make this so that it can be watched daily.

    Just a knock off of all horro films ever made. Who would watch this stuff except for people who love seeing blood and gore. They might as well just call the series GORE. This kind of entertainment is not appealing at all. People just want to show off how brave they are. Other than that these kind of things are just a complete waste of time. What makes these kind of things successful is that they want to test themselves. There's no storyline to tese kind of things. They are just a sequence of scary things. All they do is strike fear.
  • WHY did they replace punk'd for this piece of #%$&!*...

    I don't get it, what is the big deal? This doesn't entertain me at all, but it's kinda worth it to watch, because knowing that "Ashton Kutcher" is apart of this, planning it all, AKA (the prank master) But I dunno why he gave out on punk'd, I know it was kinda gettin' old, but why would they replace it with..... THIS?!! For pete's sake, there was still alot of STARS to punk, I can still think of like 100 more famous celebs that havn't gotten punk'd, Room 401 is alot worse, because they don't even tell the people that they almost scared to death that it was all a practical joke, and most of all it is all acted out, you can obviously see it, like in the first eppy, he was like "omg I'm so freaked out" saying it like 4 times!! If it was all real, he would pea his pants and ran away faster than rabbit's tail caught on fire before he could even say "omg"!!
  • Spooky scenarios gone bad... it's wonderful!

    This is a great show because some of the allusions in this show actually look real. You'll be on the edge of your seat the whole time, or rolling on the floor laughing at the peoples reactions to the crazy stuff happening. Ashton Kutcher has produced yet another show for MTV similar to Punk'd. You can't get enough of this show, it will make your day. There is some bad scenarios that make you wonder why are you even watching it, but they get better. You'll call your whole family in with you so you can all get a giggle out of people getting freaked out. This is a perfect start to a great season/series.
  • Very spooky if you're watching it by yourself

    And yes, I did watch this by myself, and I was pretty creeped out!
    They say that all the stunts aren't fake (even though they do look like they were planned out) and it's still interesting.
    I'm am really looking forward to watching more and more episodes of this, because (being a horror movie fanatic)I love to (a) watch people freak out, and (b) be freaked out myself!
    I really like this show! Hopefully it will continue on for awhile!
  • It's great if you love subpar mediocre.

    Even though this show is a clear ripoff of Scare Tactics, it's done brilliantly. I'm not talking about the buildup of the program itself, which honest to God sucks. Tons of fragments showing you what's coming next. It's like watching all twenty trailers of Transformers, and then not going to see it in the cinema cause you already know and saw everything that's going to happen. It's exactly the same with this TV show. Exactly.

    The illusions, however, are original and actually quite creepy at times. Nothing that actually makes the viewer scared or want to vomit, but it's definitely worth watching. Makes you wonder how they managed to do all that spooky stuff.

    One thing that I am really missing is the part where they tell the scared people that it's all a joke. Because, you know, not telling them would be cruel. And because telling them it's a joke is a part you shouldn't really leave out. What would Punk'd be without the "I got Punk'd!" bit?
  • Brilliantly funny show that follows suit of Scare Tactics.

    From Ashton Kutcher's production company comes Room 401. In a nutshell, there are scenarios which are intended to scare 'victims' and documenting their reactions. The situations are set up, but the fear in the 'victims' is real. So it pretty much is Scare Tactics, except this is better because 1. Ashton Kutcher is behind this and he is god, and it is hosted by Jared Padalecki, from Supernatural. So when we're not laughing at people having a freak-out, we're staring at the gorgeous Jared!

    Anyway, if you can get past the fact that the show is set up and its only there so you can laugh at people's reactions, and that its been done before, its quite a good show.
  • A show that gets you scared

    a show about scaring people but not really its sort of like a show that scares the person, it like a hidden camera show but its freaken other people out UHHH yea it has some twist blood so if your sqiumish i do not think you should watch this it keeps me and scared and then makes me laugh it and ok show it a good show that needs an audence hopefully stays on the air so everyone can see i dont know if its going to be big but overall its a wonderful show that people should start watching