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ABC (ended 1962)

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    Welcome to the Room For One More Forum. As this is not a dramatic show, spoilers should not be a problem, but if you have some spoiler-type information, please make sure that there is a spoiler warning either in the title or somewhere in the post. There is a new feature that allows you to hide a

    The way to use this and other HTML tags can be found in a great post by 123home123 called Hyperlinks and XHTML: A Basic Guide. If you see a thread with a spoiler in the title send me a PM with a link to the thread and I will either edit or delete it. As for discussion for the show, please be respectful to the other users and do not violated the Terms of Service (TOS) because flaming and spamming are bad things and cannot be tolerated.

    For submissions please check the guide for examples before submitting and some trivia and quotes may not be visible on the Overview page so please check the Trivia & Quotes tab. Also check the Help Center and the Guidelines Center for submission guidelines. For Quotes please use the character name that is used in the show the most. As for sources for submission please try to find a reputable fan-site or an interview with a member of the crew. Always include a link or a specific url (page address) where your information came from so that it can be quickly checked. If you follow the examples already posted you should be fine, but please feel free to pm me if you still have any questions. Welcome ...

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