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Room Raiders

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Premiering in October 2003, Room Raiders is now in its 4th Season and more popular than ever. This reality show puts a new twist on the dating show where contestants choose a date not by looks or charm, but by what's in their bedrooms. The catch: These unsuspecting singles have no idea their rooms are going to be raided until after they're kidnapped from their house. Let the hijinks ensue! Room Raiders airs 5 days a week at 4:30 PM on MTV.

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AIRED ON 7/10/2006

Season 7 : Episode 7

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  • Not the Best

    Not the best show but it keeps me waiting :)))
  • OMG! What a load of kee-rap! And this abomination is starting Season 4? Whaaaa???

    I saw this show in one of those helpful boxes on TV.COM that refers you to similar shows and I thought, I saw this show once and was totally revolted by it!

    As I remember it, the show started with some creepy surfer dude going into this girls bedroom with a briefcase, putting on rubber gloves like he was a proctologist [SNAP!!!] and taking out some kind of probe stick and started digging around the girls room. He opened a drawer and picked up these red undies with his stick and this creepy smile came over him. Then he opened the other drawers and found items of a very personal and bizzare nature. And the whole time the girl and her friends were watching on a video camera. I wasnt sure who was creepier, the guy or this girl whos room he was in. No wonder kids these days are so screwed up.

    I had forgotten about this creepy perverted show until TV.COM jarred it loose from my memory. Gee, thanks TV.COM!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Just when you think the shows on MTV, VH-1 and E! have sunk to a new low, along comes a show like this and proves you wrong.moreless
  • i lke room raiders

    Well room raiders is when someone comes to your house and grabs you out. Then you get put in a van with 2 other people. There is a laptop in the van and you get to watch a girl or boy raid your room, then at the end the girl or boy picks out of 3 different boys or girls. Who ever wins gets to go out with the girl or boy. I like room raiders because you get to she if the person getting their room raided is nasty or not. Me and my sister usauly watch it together because she got me into watching MTV.moreless
  • I love room raiders. It's the best show ever invented. If i had it my way I'd be on it in one second... how do you get on it??!?!

    I love watching the show. i try to watch it every day lol. even if im busy... its the BEST!

    i really want to go on it but im 15 and i dont think they'll do it for someone that young. would they??

    email if yeah or no;)

    Sometimes i wonder if its a bit fake... like i know the rooms and everything are real but how is it that theres noramly never anyone in the house and the front door is basically always open lol. I guess even if it is. I think its one of my favorite shows and really want to be on it:D:D:D


  • Pointless

    The thing that gets me about this program is that it is so obviously staged. I mean surely someone entering the show would realise by now that you would keep your room tidy. And also, they always find something that they don't like. And another thing "Oh look i found a hair on the bed, better get the rubber glove- ooh look that is disgusting" its hair for god's sake, nothing much. And so what if a girl wears red laced knickers. They have to wear something. I'd rather like a girl wearing that then some cheap green panties from charity shop.moreless

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pop culture observations, pressures of high school, roommate drama, teen angst, shock value