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  • Not the Best

    Not the best show but it keeps me waiting :)))
  • OMG! What a load of kee-rap! And this abomination is starting Season 4? Whaaaa???

    I saw this show in one of those helpful boxes on TV.COM that refers you to similar shows and I thought, I saw this show once and was totally revolted by it!

    As I remember it, the show started with some creepy surfer dude going into this girls bedroom with a briefcase, putting on rubber gloves like he was a proctologist [SNAP!!!] and taking out some kind of probe stick and started digging around the girls room. He opened a drawer and picked up these red undies with his stick and this creepy smile came over him. Then he opened the other drawers and found items of a very personal and bizzare nature. And the whole time the girl and her friends were watching on a video camera. I wasnt sure who was creepier, the guy or this girl whos room he was in. No wonder kids these days are so screwed up.

    I had forgotten about this creepy perverted show until TV.COM jarred it loose from my memory. Gee, thanks TV.COM!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Just when you think the shows on MTV, VH-1 and E! have sunk to a new low, along comes a show like this and proves you wrong.
  • i lke room raiders

    Well room raiders is when someone comes to your house and grabs you out. Then you get put in a van with 2 other people. There is a laptop in the van and you get to watch a girl or boy raid your room, then at the end the girl or boy picks out of 3 different boys or girls. Who ever wins gets to go out with the girl or boy. I like room raiders because you get to she if the person getting their room raided is nasty or not. Me and my sister usauly watch it together because she got me into watching MTV.
  • I love room raiders. It's the best show ever invented. If i had it my way I'd be on it in one second... how do you get on it??!?!

    I love watching the show. i try to watch it every day lol. even if im busy... its the BEST!
    i really want to go on it but im 15 and i dont think they'll do it for someone that young. would they??
    email if yeah or no;)
    Sometimes i wonder if its a bit fake... like i know the rooms and everything are real but how is it that theres noramly never anyone in the house and the front door is basically always open lol. I guess even if it is. I think its one of my favorite shows and really want to be on it:D:D:D
  • Pointless

    The thing that gets me about this program is that it is so obviously staged. I mean surely someone entering the show would realise by now that you would keep your room tidy. And also, they always find something that they don't like. And another thing "Oh look i found a hair on the bed, better get the rubber glove- ooh look that is disgusting" its hair for god's sake, nothing much. And so what if a girl wears red laced knickers. They have to wear something. I'd rather like a girl wearing that then some cheap green panties from charity shop.
  • Only watch this if there is absolutely nothing else on!

    "Room Raiders" is only slightly entertaining. To me it's just another stupid reality show. I particularly hate these dating shows because you know all the contestants are a bunch of single people that can't get a date. You also know that the relationship will never work out. MTV does try to spice it up by changing locations and adding special themes. They change locations every dozen episodes or so. They have held the show in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Atlanta, California, and Texas. In the California episodes they started having themes like twins, beauty and the freaks, double trouble, hidden beauty, and celebrity guests. Again only watch this if there is absolutely nothing on!
  • At first, it was interesting and funny (sometimes), but now, it's just annoying.

    I liked the show when it first aired. I liked the fact that it was different; the people made jokes, so it was funny; plus, you got to see how bad other people's bedrooms looked.

    Over time, I got tired of it, think about it, it's always the same thing: people taken out of their rooms (I really didn't like it when they took them out of the shower), the person went through the rooms (and found interesting items), and the winner was chosen. I still think they should update us if the date they went on was a success, or if it was just plain awkward.

    I admire the fact that they've tried to spice it up a bit, but they should admit defeat.
  • Room Raiders is a dating show with lots of stlye. Where your best night clothes to bed because you will never know when the people from Room Raiders will come knock on your door and pull you out of your house. This because you can't clean.

    Room raiders is a great show where you can meet you match. I would give it two thumbs up because this show gives it all. It shows Comedy, it shows love and much more. ONe thing that I don't really like about this show is that it does not show space. A boy would go looking though a girls bra cabinet is just the same as a girl going though something of a boys. Also I would like to add that if some find someting in someones room, for ex: a helth bar. That does not mean that they care about there weight. it could have been there friends. and the boy could have dropped her for finding that. But any way, that is the only thing I don't like about this show. Besides that Room Raiders is a great show and I really enjoy it.
  • intresting

    its alright. its fun when they show boxers on tv.
    and it must be fun going throuhg other peoples room.they never shown any bodys room from pa yet.
    i guess i don'tblame them its so boring here. my dad said we might move to georgia or florida. any
    way i like this show
  • just wanted 2 say i really love this show it is awsome, iv always gotta watch it when its on, jusy wish they did it in the uk, iv been tryin to get in2 room raiders, anybody can help me please ???

    i love this show, its funny when they go around the houses and find grimy stuff, please can some1 let me know how i can go about to get on this show as i really wana, its one of the best things to watch. I would be really embarrased if they found anything in my room, and with it jus being all girls in my house, there would be some secerts to tell. I live with my mum and 2 sisters, and niece, house full of all girls haha.All the best shows like this r mostly in USA which means i don\'t think i can go in2 them :(
  • I'm going through your room. That doesn't sound right.

    I just think it's weird that you would let someone you don't know in your room, and let them go through your stuff. I will admitt that it would be pretty cool to be on this show, but sometimes the person will take stuff the wrong way and rejected you. They will also have shallow reasons not to want to go out with you. So it's really not that wirth it.
  • I like this show, but it is missing something. It really could be better.

    Now, this show is so great at some points, and it'll make me smile sometimes. But once you get into the messy rooms, nothing exciting happens. A person could turn the TV on and see this show, and the inside of the bedroom, and change the channel. Producers need to add something more to when the raider is in the bedroom. It kept me watching, so it has the chance of keeping you watching.
  • All you get to see, is some mild-mannered lunatic, messing up peoples' rooms. The only thing intersting about it, is when it shows lingerine.

    The show is not only average, but it's too predictable! Whenever the TV's turned on, it's always X-rated material. And one thing that pisses me off, is when those people, take things, they oughtta be arrrested for stealing, unless they give it back to the contestants. I hope that they sign up to be on the show, because if they got kidnapped all this time, MTV would fall apart in a huge scandal and would face severe charges, with no more NEXT!
  • Whenever I can't find anything to watch, I'd switch to this show.

    "Room Raiders" is about three guys/girls who gets their room searched by a person of opposite sex, unexpectedly. The guy who searches these rooms will look at the closets, drawers, desks, bed, and whatnot with his/her super duper, handy dandy spykit, complete with UV flashlight, gloves, tongs, flashlight, magnifying glass, etc. The searcher then judges his/her three "contenders" by what their room holds. Say for example, a man has a pink bedroom with pony plushies and gay pornography in his closet. Ultimately obvious, the girl will say with a clear thought that this man is a homosexual.

    "Room Raiders" is a pretty good show that fits into the dating game genre. I don't really think, however, that you can judge a person by his/her room. It can really throw you off sometimes. A girl can have porn pictures in her computer, leaving the boy a thought that she's a total porn fanatic. But the girl says to her fellow contenders, "That's my brother's computer, I'm no lesbian!" The boy then eliminates her for the wrong reason.

    The show has an original plot with a not-so-accurate new way of meeting other guys. I sometimes watch this show whenever there's nothing on. It's got some decent material, but does not last long enough to hold my interest towards the show. I find it pretty boring to see thongs and music CDs over and over again, room by room.

    This may not be MTV's best reality show to date, but it certainly has enough originality in it. Eh... pass.
  • I really like it. It isn't corny and obviously scripted like other dating shows. Not to mention-it's just funny.

    I really like it. It isn't corny and obviously scripted like other dating shows. Not to mention-it's just funny. I really think it's funny when they pull the person out of a really uncomfortable stituation-like out of the shower. I don't like all the porn that is always in the rooms though.
  • Three people unexpectedly get their room searched through a potential date, they have no time to tidy up and the chooser can only go by whats in the rooms.

    This show although funny, has some immature moments. Some episodes are funnier than others. Some are witty, some are interesting, some sick. lol. Dont get me wrong, this is a good show, just has some moments when you want to change the channel. The things that they find in some rooms can be very funny, yet gross, it all depends on the person and their personality.
  • Awesome

    This show is awesome in a cool way. The shows description is good, because the person searching doesn't know what the person looks like or anything but they get to search their room to find out what she/he is like. To be sure, there are celebrities that help the person search the room, such as Brooke Valentine, Ciara etc. This show is Awesome
  • A pretty cool show about 3 guys/girls that are put into a van when they do not know it.. and a hott guy/girl goes in all their rooms and picks one of them for a date by their room and what they find.

    I like Room Raiders! I like watching it sometimes. MTV rox! Room Radiers is about 3 people are put into a van and will not be fore-warned. Then someone will raid their rooms and pick that special someone to go on a date with just by looking at their room!
  • I love this show!

    this show is about 3 people who get taken from there houses to be judge on their rooms to get a date.if the person likes what they see then there the lucky guy or girl. i like this show i like that by going through someones things you can learn somethings about them.It's just too funny.
  • Original, but gets old soon.

    RoomRaiders is basically about 3 guys or girls who get ripped out of their homes and being kidnapped into a bus, where they get to see one guy or girl searching their bedrooms, to see what their like, so at the end of the day they have to decide, by their bedrooms, which guy/girl to date.

    The thought behind RoomRaiders, like many MTV-shows, is very original, but gets old soon.
  • I love room raiders, some people need 2 clean their room.

    Room raider is a cool show. I hope it stay on tv for a long time, some of the people on that show needs 2 clean their room. Most people need to clean the sheets on their beds. I would not go on that show an make a fool out of myself.
  • Room Raiders is just another dating show, but with a twist: one person gets to search the houses of three members of the opposite sex. At the end, the single chooses one of the others based on their house.

    A good idea gone corny. The three get too excited about everything, completly over-acting. Every show is the same: one is a rocker, one a jock, and the other a mix. Each room has something surprising to the searcher, but after seeing all the "shocking" things, every single episode is the same.
  • Clean Your Mess!

    Imagine being able to go to people's rooms and looking through their personal things before dating them? This show is interesting in the way it is set up. One lucky person will get to rate three different rooms and find what type of person they are by the things that they own including clothes, cds, posters, letters, etc. Without being able to see what the person looks like. Which, is good because then they can't pick the hottest contestant, only through the things they find in common with them that follow their interests. It is funny to see the expressions of embarrassment of some of the contestants when they are doing their room and finding used condoms, cheesy love letters, or dirty underwear. This show is a must see when nothing else is on.
  • Well iam going to start by saying that room raiders is the cooles show that i ever seen well that all i could say...

    Well the show is really cool i understand the show is like i will watch i every day i hope to see more off it and i really like it because you see what the guys or girls are looking in a guy or girl well thats all i could say right now ......
  • Room raiders is kind of gross at times and kind of weird at times i dont really like it because its kind of like just another overraded dating show dont you think they have enought of those alrighty along with reality shows. Mtv has very few shows i like

    Room raiders is kind of gross at times and kind of weird at times i dont really like it because its kind of like just another overraded dating show dont you think they have enought of those alrighty along with reality shows. Mtv has very few shows i like now!
  • i like this show i like that by going through someones things you can learn somethings about them like the episode i saw yesterday this do that goes to georgia state found bob in one of the girls room but this show is alright if i ws in it!!!!!!!

    the show tells you that some times its hard to find a date but if you are on a tv show then they chooose for you but its kind of weird just going on this show and having males/females go through your room your perssional things but thats life what can we do about it.
  • this show is about 3 people who get taken from there houses to be judge on their rooms to get a date.if the person likes what they see then there the lucky guy or girl.

    this show is one of my most favorite. one day i was going though the sations and i saw this and decide to watch it because it seemed interesting and was the only thing on.someday im going to be onthat everybody watch to se me on it.cant wait to go through 3 guys rooms.i mean i have black hair with blondish streeks with brown eyes,very outgoing,love dancing.who woulnt want me to go through there rooms
  • i love room raiders!

    Room Raiders is such an awesome show! I love it! It's about 3 teens who are taken to a van when they least expect it. In the van, they watch a TV screen that shows a realy hot guy or girl going threw their rooms. He/she picks what they like about each room and at the end, pick which room they like the best! It ROX!