Room Raiders - Season 0

Daily 4:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Oct 01, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Room Raiders: Girl Meets Boys (Jackie)
    Jackie looks through Javier, Marshall, and Claudio's rooms. She gets rid of Claudio the art lover (and porn lover), and messy Marshall, picking dork hat surfer boy Javier to go to Cancun. Javier packs real quick but forgets to bring underwear. He doesn't have a problem with that, though.
  • Room Raiders: Boy Meets Girls (Chad)
    Chad looks through the rooms of Jessica, Katherine, and Julia. With a trip to Cancun as the prize the stakes are raised. In a bold move, Chad eliminates hot Hawaiian Tropics model Katherine because she's too thuggy for him, and then tells beachy cute Julia to pack for the exotic trip. Poor turkey hunting Jessica is left with her hair puppet and her hunting knife. Julia jumps in Chad's arms and into the closet they go to.......pack.moreless