Room Raiders - Season 7

Daily 4:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Oct 01, 2003 In Season


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  • AZ Opposites Attract: Molly Raids Mark, Zach, & Tyler
    In this episode 18 year old model/student Molly raids the rooms of Zach 19 Phoenix College Student and skate rink manager Mark 23 Grand Canyon University student and former exchange student Tyler 21 Scotsdale Community College student and juggler
  • AZ Double Trouble: Mike & Derek raid Rachel, Dana & Adrienne
    Mike is a 23 year old professional in-line skater. With the help of his brother Derek, he raids the rooms of: Rachel a 21 Year old Arizona State student Dana a 20 year old Arizona State student and Adrienne a 21 year old Nanny with real estate aspirations In Rachel's room the guys find... the panty drawer! a doggie shrine? cowboy boots? and a color organized closet?? In Dana's room they find "Princess" PJs?? chewed pens? long-dead flowers? hair extensions ?? In Adriennes room the guys find leopard print sheets! mardi-gras beads! a turtleneck sweater?? As turnabout the girls raid Mike's room and find skates, an old cast, condosm and pornmoreless
  • AZ Double Trouble: Emily and Mom Raid Chase, Tyson & Devon
    18 year old Emily is an aspiring film maker. She and her mom Cris raid the rooms of Chase 22 DJ and apprentice glass blower Tyson 20 Mesa Community College student Devon 18 part-time martial arts instructor

    In their searches the ladies encounter ... a "cute dog"! (pitbull) a peculiar odor? a used condom?? a stripper pole! porn? snowboarding gear! boxing gloves! weapons on a wall! DJ turntables! and a Royal Robe.moreless
  • Arizona Double Trouble: Travis & Scott Raid Missy, Jenna & Gemise
    At 20 Travis is a waiter and a college dropout from University of Arizona where he ran track. He and best friend Scott are raiding the rooms of: Missy a 19 year old sophomore at Arizona State University and a cheerleader. Jenna is a 20 year old senior at ASU Gemise is also a senior at ASU and 23. In Missy's room the guys find... Indian themed thong, a baby crib (for Missy's puppy) a halloween costume that sends the wrong message, big shoes???, a stripper kit !!! and an elliptical running machine. Jenna's room yields ... Shirley the football!!, a toolbox!! an experimental breast cream??? a "vaginas are way cool" T-shirt!!, and a floral vibrator?? Gemise's room has... mysterious spots on carpet???, graduation announcements!!, fuzzy boots??, and a japanese robe When the girls turn the tables in Travis's room they find... only 2 pairs of boxers?, two childhood blankies?moreless