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  • The story of a man who runs into his ultimate crush and moves in with her and her roommates. It follows the lives of those four people and the main characters weird best friend.

    I liked the actors on this show and they are not to blame for the poor ratings it really is about the production and characterization. It has/had so much potential.

    The laugh track is really annoying and the story's are poor retreads of other sitcoms before it. Very unoriginal.

    The very few episodes I could sit thru were replete with embarrassing and sometimes off color ways that one could screw up their relationship with someone they secretly love with the help/hinderence of an incompetent and possibly unintelligent best friend.

    Then the relationships of the roommates are strange at best. The other guy living in the apartment seems to be there just to fool with the main character. Again annoying at best. I like the two female characters and the main lead, but they need to tone down the really out there personalities. The female who is the crush is pretty much oblivious to life on this planet from a characterization point of view. Again annoying. This show could be fixed but needs help now if it is going to be. They really need to find other ways of moving the plot forward without making the characters seem unintelligent or spacey.

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