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  • After a run-in with Katie, a girl he crushed madly on during high school, Mark will do anything to win her heart - including applying for the open roommate slot in her apartment. Only there's one problem...will he ever tell her how he feels?

    Reminiscent of FRIENDS, ROOMMATES is the kind of show that just screams lovable weirdness. While it's easy to see how the simple format and older target audience might have played a part in its early cancellation, it certainly is a shame to see an enjoyable show with a lot of potential get knocked off so soon.

    The differences in the character personalities and circumstances create believable relationships and only add to the hilarity - sweet and innocent Katie trying to find her niche in the world, her rigid best friend Hope struggling at a coffee shop after getting canned from her executive job, their "ladies man" of a roommate James, and new roommate Mark, who just can't seem to find the right moment to tell Katie he loves her. Not to mention Mark's eccentric best friend and former roommate Thom, who of course always finds a reason to visit Mark's new pad. The cast is a great one, and each actor really brings their character to life. My only real complaint with the show is that it's either extremely funny - or extremely not. It seems there's no in-between with the writing, which could explain the ratings if some only tuned in for certain episodes. While not a perfect series by far, ROOMMATES definitely raised some laughs while it lasted, even if those laughs were only a few.