Season 1 Episode 4

The Break In

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Mark is waiting outside of the bathroom, waiting for Hope. He really needs to go, and Hope is taking forever. He goes to his elderly neighbor's apartment and asks to use hers, but she just slams the door in his face. He goes back to the bathroom and James is no waiting outside. James says that he is selling his place in line for $200. He runs down to a convenience store and the lady at the counter says that only paying customers can use the bathroom. He says that he buys stuff there all the time, but she says that once he buys a "big ticket item", no way. He goes back to the apartment and now Katie is also waiting outside. He finally gives up and goes into the kitchen and starts peeing in the sink. Hope walks in and screams, and quickly runs out.
James is in the living room working on his bike when Mark and Thom walk in. Mark introduces James to Thom, and James is amused by this. Mark goes to get some beers, and tells Thom not to tell any embarrassing stories about him. Thom and James sit down and James gives Thom a look that makes Thom tell him about an embarrassing story about Mark at a Ricky Martin concert. Mark comes in and gives them beers, and James makes a joke about the concert.
Katie is visiting Hope at her work and they are talking about their new cute UPS guy. A guy walks in and asks for the daddy daughter hug. Hope sees that it is her dad and goes to hug him. Katie says hi, and he asks if Katie is working their too and she jokingly says no, but wishes she does. Hope's dad remarks that he did realize that after four years of Princeton she would be working in a coffee shop. She says that it is only temporary. Katie says that besides, Hope is practically the boss, and then her boss comes over and tells her to go unclog the toilet. Hope tells her Dad to go hang out in her apartment until she gets done with work. He then leaves.
Katie's phone starts vibrating and she misses a call, saying she always does because of that. When Katie mentions vibrating, Hope then realizes that she left "Mr. Happy" on her bed. Back at the apartment Thom is still telling embarrassing stories of Mark. Hope calls and tells Mark that she left something personal on her bed and he needs to remove it. Mark starts teasing her, so Katie gets on the phone and tells him to hide it. The guys go into Hope's room and start staring at the vibrator on her bed. Thom says that it reminds him of his two favorite things: women and light sabers, while James jokes that Hope shouldn't be grouchy if she uses it.
Hope's dad walks in and Mark tells Thom to hid it. Her dad walks in and Mark tries to stop him from going into Hope's room, but James tells him to go right ahead. He walks in just as Thom is escaping on the fire escape and Hope's dad thinks it was a burglar. When they get home Hope gets mad and Mark asking why he couldn't just hid it. She asks where it is and he says he doesn't know. Her dad comes into the room and says that he life is a joke and he is cutting her off, that way she will be forced to move back home. Trying to think of a good reason to stay, Hope says that she has a boyfriend, and he is a handsome winner. Her dad assumes it is James, but James decides to have some fun and says that she is dating Mark.
Her dad says that James seems more of her type, but she says that it was just a crazy thing between her and Mark. Her dad asks what Mark does for a living and he says he is an actor. Hope's dad asks if he is a good actor and James jokes that they will find out soon. Hope says that Mark has mainly been in commercials, his most popular one being a foot spray. James then forces Mark to singing "the song" that he had to in the commercial, and so Mark makes up a song. After he finishes the song Hope's dad says that was a horrible commercial, and mark tries to lighten the mood by saying that they should have some wine to celebrate Hope and Mark's relationship. Her dad says that they might as well go out to dinner as well and he goes to change.
The roommates gather in the kitchen and Hope begs Mark to continue the act in order to get her dad off her back, but he refuses. Katie says that he should do it for her and he agrees. Later, Hope goes into Mark's roommate to thank him, but then tells him to change his shirt since it is ugly.
Thom is at the convenience store doing scratch offs and has won $200, stating he has a good luck charm. When the lady asks what it is, he says that he can't show it in public. The lady says she is bored and tells Thom to show it to her. He does and she is not even phased by it, saying they sell them in the back.
At dinner, James says that Hope and Mark should tell Hope's dad how they met, and he agrees saying that he would love to known how Hope met a guy like her. Mark starts to make up a story, and ends up making a fool of himself. Mark tells hope that the shrimp and peanuts look good, and then her dad says that she is allergic to both. Mark says that it is just a joke and that is what they joke about. James then continues to try and make the situation funnier for him.
After dinner Hope's dad is getting ready to leave in order to catch his flight, and Mark tries to be polite by saying that he should start longer. He decides to, putting everyone into even more awkwardness. Mark says that her dad can sleep in his room and Mark will take the coach, but her dad says to just sleep in Hope's room.
That night, Mark is in Hope's room getting ready to sleep on the floor, and Hope says that he can't do that since her dad might walk in and if he is sleeping on the floor then her cover is blown. He goes to lie in bed, but again she says he can't. She says he can't have all his clothes on otherwise it won't look real. After hearing that he normally sleeps in the nude, she makes an exception. After they lay down Mark starts doing deep breathing exercises to help him sleep, and Hope tells him to stop since it is annoying. He starts meditating and she tells him to get on the floor. He calls her controlling and they get into a fight. Mark says that she always wants people to think she is perfect and she is not spontaneous. To prove she is, she kisses Mark and then leaves the room. Mark starts deep breathing again, shocked at what happened.
Hope goes into the living room and starts telling Katie what just happened. Katie asks if Mark is a good kisser and she says that surprisingly, he is. Hope calls for her dad and he comes rushing out thinking the burglar is back. Hope says he isn't and then tells her Dad that she isn't in love or dating Mark. He is relieved to hear this, but she says that she isn't moving back home. Hope says that she is going to give him back her credit cards, but he ultimately decides to let her keep them, and he goes to bed.
Katie then teases Mark about being a good kisser, and then she goes to bed. Mark says to himself that anytime she wants to practice he's up for it. James comes out and says that he likes the idea of making out with Hope in order to get to Katie.
Sometime later, Thom calls Mark and says that Hope's "device" is his good luck charm, and it turns out that he ended up sleeping with the convenience store lady.
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