Season 1 Episode 8

The Green People

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Mark and Katie are getting ready for work. As mark walks past Katie's room she drags him into the room and tells him that they need to hurry because she can't see Hope do her usually morning "good luck!" speech. As they try to leave however, Hope catches them and does just that. At work Mark is talking to Katie about how he can't believe it is their last day working together, but Katie days that they will see each other at home. Mark replies that now they can't wear cool headsets and pretend to be fighter pilots.

As Mark does a fighter pilot impression, their boss David walks into the office with his bike. Katie comments about how impressive it is that he is so "green". Mark then says that he is green too, as he is holding a disposable cup, too which he blames Doris, another worker, for. David then tells Katie to follow him into the office and for Mark to bring his bike in. Mark puts the bike down in the office, and once inside the office David begins to take his clothes off. He also tells Katie that he needs ideas for his green campaign, and then says that he will tell her more about it in the shower. Mark then comments that they already took shower, and then David says that he needs to talk to Katie in private. After Mark leaves he tells her to make up five ideas and then he gets ready to take a shower. Katie can't help but stare at his body, but as he is about to drop the towel Mark runs in and grabs her.

At the apartment, Thom walks in with a case and says that he has a way to combat Katie's feelings about David being smart and sexy. Thom then pulls a chicken out of the case, and James says that he knows something bad will happen, but he is rooting for them. Thom says that he can't compete with David on any other level, so he needs to get as green as he possibly can. He says that Elisabeth (the chicken) is a lean mean green machine. Katie walks in and does not seem to care about it. Thom then tells her that the chicken is Mark's and he wants to use it to go green. Katie congratulates him before heading into the living room.

She walks into the living room where Hope comes up to her and says that she should tell her some of her ideas for the green campaign. Katie says that she doesn't want to waste Hope's time since she has resumes to get out. James then tells Mark that trouble is brewing and Katie and Hope are actually secretly fighting and not saying exactly what they mean, saying that Hope is blaming Katie for stealing her job and Katie is telling Hope to mind her business.

Hope tells her to say the ideas and so Katie tells her the ideas that she came up with. Hope then pitches Katie an idea, and the whole time James tells Mark what they are "really saying".

The next day, David walks into the office and asks Katie what she came up with. She givers her ideas, but David doesn't like them. Wanting to please him, Katie pitches Hope's idea to him. David loves it, and proceeds to take his shirt off again. Katie then takes full credit for the idea before seeing David put on a towel (for a shower). She then leaves his office.

That afternoon Katie comes running into the apartment and tells James and mark about what she did and how bad she feels for stabbing Hope in the back, but James tells her that it is just the corporate world sucking out her soul. Hope walks in and asks Katie about whether or not David liked her ideas, and then the phone rings. It is David. Hope puts the phone on speaker and then tells everyone about how the executives loved her idea and it is going to go national. After hearing this, Katie is afraid that Hope will be made, but Hope is happy, now thinking that she has a job at David's firm.

Hope calls her parents to tell them the "good news" and then tells her dad to rip up the check they were going to send her. He then wants to talk to Katie. Hope's parents and grandmother all thank Katie, with her mom even saying she is putting her in her will!

Hope questions about when she will start the job as well as similar questions and then mark tells her that she starts tomorrow if she is willing to not go into the office. Mark and Katie say that she will be working from home as part of the firm's go green plan.

The next morning Katie is getting ready for work and comes into the kitchen to ask Mark and Thom if she looks sexy enough, because she is going to beg David to get Hope a job. Mark tells her that she is too sexy and should tone it down. He tells her that if Hope leaves the apartment he will call her and tell her via code, to which she says there would be no need. Katie goes into the living room and tells Hope to have a great first day, and when Hope asks how much she will be making, Katie says she will put it in the payroll later that day, and then gives her a $7 "signing bonus".

At the office Katie asks Doris if she looks to slutty and if she ever used her sex appeal to get something, but Doris just walks away. Katie knocks on David's door and walk in. She tells David that with the green campaign, they need a young go getter around the office. David says that the team in the office is set and he can't replace anybody unless someone quits. He also calls Katie his go-getter. David's phone rings and he tells Katie to go get it.

Back at the apartment, Mark is trying his best to distract Hope, but hope quickly gets annoyed with him. Fed up with Mark, Hope leaves a note at the desk and then leaves the office. Mark calls Katie to tell her and then runs after Hope.

At the office, Hope tries to get Doris to quits, but it doesn't work. Hope then walks in. Wanting to get her out of there, Katie says that they should go get lunch, but Hope says that it is only 10:30 in the morning. Hope asks where human resources is so she can fill out her paper work, so Katie tells her. After Hope leaves Mark walks in and asks where she is. Hope comes back saying the door is locked. David then walks out and asks why Mark and Hope are there. Mark says that they should catch up, but David says that he is busy.

Hope then tells David that she wants to pitch him some ideas for the green initiative, and he asks why. Hope then says that she is honored to work for him, but he says that she doesn't. Everyone then looks at Katie and Katie tells the truth about Hope not having a job and how she stole her idea. She says that Hope deserves the job and she is a bad person before quitting and walking out.

She walks back in and then tells Hope that she loves the job and does not want to quit, and then they two get into a fight about the whole situation. However, after hearing that Katie stole the idea so she could fell as good as Hope, Hope forgives her. David says that stealing an idea is deplorable, but he'll accept it. He then says that he loves the idea, and he loved the way Katie sold the idea. He says that he would hate to separate the two and their great ideas, and so he hires Hope. Hope asks what she could do for her first assignment, and he tells her to fire Doris, who is partially asleep at her desk and replies "I'm on my break".

At the apartment, Mark is pulling a chicken out of the oven for dinner, and then goes to get Hope and Katie. Thom walks in, and when he goes into the kitchen and sees the chicken on the platter, he freaks out, thinking that they cooked Elizabeth. However, he sees Elizabeth on the counter eating, so he takes a bite of the cooked chicken.