Season 1 Episode 3

The Lie

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Mark comes out into the kitchen and James says that he missed Katie and his morning ritual of watching her eat. He then says that he really needs to make a move already. At her coffee shop, Hope is taking an order when Katie walks in. Not wanting Katie to see her at this job, she tries to get a co-worker to help, but he is deaf and doesn't understand. She calls Mark and tells him to call her and distract her. He calls her and tells her that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are around the corner feeding homeless. She tells everyone in the coffee shop and they all run out looking for them.

Later, James walks into the kitchen and Mark tries to show him a video, but James makes another joke about how is not making a move on Katie. Mark says that he is taking a break from job searching, and then James says that he should find a job for Hope so she can leave the coffee shop. Mark asks how he found out, and he says that it is just around and corner and he walks by every so often in order to see her duck down and try to hide.

Katie walks in and says that she had a bad day and that she really needs a new job. Hope agrees and Katie says Hope has it good working as a TV executive, and Mark and James just look at each other knowing it is a lie. Mark then tells Katie that he saw a perfect job listing for her. Katie goes and looks at it and realizes that it is at the same place where Hope used to work. She says that Hope should put in a good word for her, and then she tries to call the resources guy, but Hope says that she will do it, saying that she knows someone better to talk too. Katie asks who it is and Hope makes up a name. Mark tries to convince her not to work and live with Hope, but Katie doesn't listen and goes to get her resume.

Hope gets at Mark for picking out that job, but Mark just asks if she can still put in a good word. Hope says that Mark is going to pretend to be Chip Wallfridge (the name she made up) and call Katie and tell her that there are no jobs. She says that she knows Mark will do this because he is a good guy. She gives him another cell phone telling Mark to call Katie on her "man phone" because she won't recognize the number.

Mark goes to Thom's apartment where they joke about Hope's man phone. Mark then calls Katie, but gets nervous and uses a girly voice in order to put Katie on hold so he can have Thom pretend to be Chip Wallfridge. Thom doesn't want to do it, but instantly gets into character and accidentally hires Katie to a fake job.

Mark and Hope meet at a bar where Hope asks if everything went as planned. He reveals that he went to Thom's and got him involved. James and Katie walk in and Katie reveals that she got the job and how she basically forced her way into it. Hope is now even more worried about what they are going to do.

Mark goes back to Thom's and has him call Katie again, but Thom can't give her the bad news and hands the phone to Mark, who now pretends to be Chip. Mark tells her that the department was downsized and now there is no job, and he quickly hangs up. However, Katie calls back and his devastated that there are no jobs. She asks if he has a minute to talk and he says yes. They end up talking for hours and Mark makes her feel better before they end their conversation.

The next day Hope gets mad at Mark for all that happened. Katie walks in and says that although she didn't get the job, she is still happy about talking to "Chip" and now she can't get him out of her mind. Katie wants to call him back, but Mark and hope tell her not to since it will end badly. James decides to have fun and says that Katie should call him back since he is a great guy. Hope is shocked, thinking that James might have actually met someone with that name, but James is just trying to reveal her lie. James and Hope make stuff about him trying to convince Katie on what she should do. Katie decides to call him. She does and the phone in Hope's purse starts vibrating as Hope, Mark, and James look at it. No one answers and Katie leaves. Hope asks how James found out about the coffee shop and he tells her that he boss called one night.

That night Katie is reading a book on her bed and decides to call Chip again. The phone starts ringing in Hope's purse. Mark is walking by and decides to answer it. They again talk for hours, and Mark asks questions to find out more about her as well as what she thinks of him. She asks him out and at first he agrees, then quickly ends the conversation by saying no.

The next day Katie goes to talk to Hope about what happened, and hope is surprised, knowing that it was Mark on the phone. Katie then says that she wants to go apologize to Chip in person. Hope says that she will re-shower and then they will go. Katie goes to re-accessorize, and once she is in her room hope grabs the newspaper and runs into Mark's room. She then smacks him with the newspaper in order to wake him up. Hope tells mark to call her and tell her not to come in.

Since Hope's phone is dead, Mark calls Thom and tells him to call Katie and tell her not to come. Thom calls her, and says that he has bad news. Katie comes into the living room where mark, Hope, and James are and they see something is wrong with her. Katie says that she talked to Chip's associate and says that he said Chip committed suicide. Katie then says that she is going to his funeral. Mark tells hope to tell her the truth, otherwise they have to fake a funeral.

Hope reluctantly agrees and tells Katie everything. She then demands to know who she talked to on the phone. Mark is about to admit it was him, but then James takes the blame in order to save Mark. Katie gets mad because she told him secrets, and he just apologizes. Katie then yells at everyone and then storms to her room and slams the door. Hope follows.

Mark thanks James, but James just says that he caught him at a weak moment and he hates himself for it. That night Hope goes to apologize to Katie and although Katie is mad, she forgives Hope and they hug. James looks and sees this, and then Mark comes along. James tells him to be quiet because the girls might start making out.

Some other night, Hope is getting ready for a date when Katie comes along. Hope says that a British guy called her man phone saying that he gave her the number. She gets excited when Katie says that it must have been one of the Rugby players they met at a bar recently. The door bell rings and they find out that it was just Thom. Hope doesn't want to go out with him so she just slams the door in his face.
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