Season 1 Episode 6

The Mark-a-Like

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

At a bar Mark and James are having a drink and James teases Mark about his drink, saying that he won't attract girls with an umbrella in his drink. He then asks why Mark hasn't asked Katie out despite living with her for a month now, to which he responds that she is waiting for a clear sign that Katie is ready to start dating again, to which James replies "Do you even like sex"?

Hope comes back to the table from the bathroom and tells them that Katie's ex Ben is at the bar with another girl. James says she is hot, making Hope mad. She then says that it is a "rule" that you can't be seen in public with a new boyfriend/girlfriend after a break-up for a month, and it has only been three weeks.

Since Katie is on her way and Hope and Mark don't want her to see Ben, Mark decides to call her to and tell her to meet them somewhere else, but Katie walks in at that very moment. She tells everyone to order her a beer because she needs to go to the bathroom. Mark and Hope try to stop her since she should have to walk by Ben, but their efforts fail and Katie walks by them towards the bathroom. She comes back to Ben's table and Ben is over their break-up, though Katie is clearly not. She briefly leaves, but then comes back and yells at Ben for already having a girlfriend after their "serious" relationship. She says that she can move on as well and spontaneous pretends to ask a guy out. As she storms away James tells Mark that this was his sign and to go after her. The guy at the bar thinks James was talking to him and starts to go after her, to which James says "Not You!".

In his apartment Thom is star gazing and ends up finding a naked lady. Mark dashes in excited about Katie moving on from Ben. Knowing that Mark gets nervous about asking people out, Thom decides to help him practice asking her out, though it doesn't help him at all. Mark heads back to the apartment where he finds Katie and Hope getting rid of everything that reminds Katie of Ben. Marks says he'll help, but ends up breaking something of Hope's.

Mark tries to ask her out for a drink, and Katie ends up inviting him to go mattress shopping. At the store Mark and Katie decide to try out a bed. Katie decides to try another one out, and mark tries to stop her, spilling his wine on the bed. Katie goes to get something to clean it up. Thom calls Mark to see how it is going, and after finding out it is not going as smooth as he wants, he gives Mark a confidence booster.

Mark walks up to Katie, but he finds out that unfortunately she has a date, and to make matters worse, her date looks like him! Marks goes to Thom's place where they talk about this guy and Mark is angry about her getting a date, while Thom insists that he is a clone. Back at the apartment, Mark and James are playing boxing on a Nintendo Wii when James notices that Mark is very angry. He tells her that Katie will probably be home very soon saying what a loser the guy is, but she walks in saying that she found a winner.

Katie is very excited about dating the guy, named Eric, and tells everyone to be at the apartment the next night he is cooking them dinner. She then ask Hope if she has seen her lucky bra. She says that it makes her feel confident and beautiful. The door bell rings, and when James answers the door two delivery men bring a bed that Eric bought Katie into the room. James says that buying a bed to get a girl into a bed is genius.

The next night Katie walks into the living room when Mark and James are easting. She tells them not to since Eric is cooking for them. Mark says that he is just loading up in case the dinner sucks. However, Katie says that he is also a chef, which leads to some jokes by Mark and James.

Eric knocks on the door, but before Katie answers it Hope makes her run through a wall of perfume. She answers the door and Eric introduces himself and Mark jokes that he must not make too much money working at a mattress store, but Eric says he owns the store, and hope asks if there are anymore people like him that she could date, ugly or not. Hope then mentions that Eric and Mark look a like. As Eric begins to make dinner, Mark says that this is a nightmare, with Eric being a more interesting version of himself, to which James agrees.

In the kitchen Eric and Katie start kissing when Mark walks up. Eric notices him and breaks the kiss asking if Katie has any White Pepper. Hope tells Mark to "go fetch" it. She then asks if Eric has a cousin, and doesn't care if he is in jail or stupid.

Mark heads to Thom's apartment where Thom is watching TV through his telescope. He asks how dinner is going and Mark says very bad. Once again Thom gives Mark a confidence booster and he heads back. Everyone finishes up dinner and Mark jokes about Eric's hard to believe stories. Katie and Hope say that they want to help with the dishes and they go into the kitchen. James says that they haven't had sex yet, which makes Mark happy, but then James says that if they do last their babies will be gorgeous.

Katie wants everyone to get to know Eric more and suggests video games. Mark challenges Eric to boxing on the Nintendo Wii and he agrees. Eric is better then he thought but Mark does just as well. When Eric makes a joke about "stuff down there", Mark "accidentally" punches Eric. Eric becomes upset saying that Mark has been a jerk to him since he arrived and that now he will have black eyes and he is suppose to shoot a commercial the next day. Katie says that Mark could do it since he is an actor. Eric blows off the idea and then reveals that he only did all of the stuff he did to get Katie into bed.

Katie is upset by this and throws him out. Later that night Mark comes up to Katie to ask if she is ok, and she says that she is and she is glad that she found out who Eric was before dating him a long time like Ben. Mark and her then talk about her being ready to date and Katie says that she jumped into it too quickly and she has a broken "man picker". She then says that she probably would have gone out with anyone who asked her out. She kisses Mark on the cheek and then leaves. As she does Mark leans to kiss her, but she is already gone. He then picks up a guitar and begins to sing a song about Katie, but James walks in and takes the guitar.

As the episode ends, Mark begins filming the mattress commercial in place of Eric, but trips on the bed and spills in all over it, and Eric ends the take.
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