Season 1 Episode 6

The Mark-a-Like

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Katie decides to date again after she sees her ex Ben out on a date. Mark sort of asks her out and she goes with him to a mattress store because she needs a new bed. He turns his back for a minute and she's got a date with a look a like of Mark.

    Mark has the perfect opportunity to ask Katie out and misses the mark. She is upset because she saw Ben with a new girl a few weeks after they broke off. She destroys or gets rid of anything that reminds her of Ben. James calls it a Benema? (rhymes with Enema)

    It's really the one liners that sometimes make this show work. The writers are bound and determined to make Mark not only shy with woman but stupid as well.

    Ben asks her out and she agrees to let him come with her to buy a new bed. Everything is going great until he spills some wine on a bed and she runs off to get something to clean it up. A minute later he goes to find her and she has a date with Eric, a guy who looks suspiciously a lot like Mark.

    Of course Eric is a mattress salesmen who also owns the store and three others and is a culinary chef as well. He comes over to the apartment and makes dinner for everyone and the situation is insufferable with Katie saying things like, "yes healthy and delicious just like you" (Eric). They start to play video games and Mark accidentally hits Eric in the nose. Eric gets mad and blurts out that the only reason he was being so nice was to bed Katie. Thereby ruining any chance of that happening. (James predicted that by the way.)

    In a funny twist Eric was shooting a commercial the next day. Mark broke his nose and gave him a black eye by accident. So Mark looking a lot like Eric gets to do the commercial not well from what we see.

    I think they need more James as he may be the best character overall even though he is pretty two dimensional.

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