Season 1 Episode 11

The Mother of James

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 04, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Mark and Thom are sitting on the living room couch when Thom hands something to Mark and asks him what he thinks it is. Mark says he doesn't know and asks him what it is. Thom replies that he found it in his belly button.

James walks out and tells them that those sandwiches were for his mom. Mark jokes that he though James was raised by sarcastic wolves. Hope and Katie walk in and ask when his mom is supposed to be there. James says any minute. He says that she is going to have her first date since her divorce two years ago. James says that he wants her to stay with them after the date, and mark jokes then she won't if she gets any action. James is nervous about his mom dating and doesn't really want her to have a boyfriend.

His mom rings the doorbell and Hope and Katie greet her. She walks in and hugs James. Thom then says hello and makes a fool of himself, and then Mark introduces himself. James' mother sees the sandwiches on the table and goes to have one. She then says that she missed James' hair and jokingly tells Hope and Katie to keep their hands off of him. His mom then tells them about how she is here for her first date. She says that she has many questions and Hope and Katie tell her to ask away. She then asks what a landing strip is and should she have one.

James tries to find the right way to tell her and then asks if Katie and Hope want to explain. They say no and James asks his mom where see even heard about that. She says that at her church she helps troubled teenagers and she heard some girls talking about it. She continues to ask some questions and talk about sex and Katie, Hope, Thom, and Mark are all interested in it. However, James can't stand it and leaves.

As Melinda (James' Mom) gets ready for her date, Katie and Hope come in and compliment her on her dress. They then try to give her the sex talk since James asked them too. However, they quickly stop and decide to help her since she is nervous. They talk about various ways to make the first move. They then decide to role play so Melinda can practice, and she ends up being a natural.

That night as Melinda is on her date, James worries and hopes that she is ok. Mark then makes a joke about how they might be at the airport watching planes land on the landing strip. In the kitchen, Hope asks Katie about the awkwardness between her and Mark. Katie then says that she think she might be falling in love with Mark.

Just then Melinda walks in and James is relieved and he goes to hug her. Mark asks how the date when and James interrupts and says they are lucky to have her home. The girls tell the guys go get lost and go to the bar. As they leave Katie and Hope ask Melinda how the date was. She tells them that it went badly and now she has to go back home the next day. Katie and Hope convince her to stay a little longer and she agrees. Katie and Hope head to bed and Melinda is depressed at the table. She begins to clean a smudge on the table.

In the middle of the night, Mark, James, Hope and Katie are all awoken by the sound of a vacuum. They go into the living room and see Melinda cleaning. James says that she hasn't cleaned like that since the divorce. The next day she is making Mark, Thom, and James move the fridge so see can clean behind it.

Katie then walks into the bathroom. She closes the door and begins to sit down on the toilet when James pulls the curtain back. Katie freaks out, but James just asks why she (his mom) won't leave. Katie says that she and Hope said she could stay, and James tells her to close the curtain since he is going to cry.

Soon, all four roommates are in the bathroom talking about the situation. Mark says that they can't ask her to leave since it would be rude. Mark says that he will go turn on the Fletcher charm to cheer her up and he goes to talk to her. Katie and Hope peer out the bathroom window to see. Marks goes up to Melinda and she asks where everyone is. He says he doesn't know. He then asks if anything is bugging her, but she says no. He then tells her that there are plenty of guys out there who would love to date her. This makes her happen and she does the shoulder lingering technique that Hope and Katie taught her, and Hope and Katie are shocked.

Mark excuses himself and Hope and Katie drag him into a room where they say they taught her that and now Mark needs to go let her down. He goes to talk to her again but she ends up kissing him. She says that she liked it and now she needs to whisper something in his ear. He then leaves again and goes back to talk to the girls where he says that Melinda wants to go to a hotel. Mark goes back out to try and make himself unappealing. Melinda then says that she needs a minute and she goes to talk to Hope and Katie. She takes them into the bathroom and then tells them what happened. She says that she is going to leave and asks them to let Mark gently down for her. She also says that if either one of them has a crush on Mark they should go for it since he is special. As she leaves the bathroom James throws the shower curtain back and says he needs to be cleansed, since he heard everything.

The next day Melinda goes to leave and says by to everyone. As she hugs James she winks at Mark who gets flustered. After she leaves Mark tries to tell James what happened, but James interrupts and says that he has three seconds to either talk or run. Mark starts to run away and James chases after him.

Later Mark and James are on the couch and Mark tries to get James to thank him for making his mom feel better. James says that now they won't talk about it anymore. Mark says he has one last thing to say. He tells James that his mom is an amazing kisser. James then begins to chase mark again.