Season 1 Episode 1

The Roommate

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on ABC Family



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    • Katie: So Mark's an actor, and Hope works in TV. (to Hope) Maybe you could help him out?
      Mark: So Hope, what are you working on at the moment?
      Hope: It's a show about a girl, who meets a boy, and never sees that boy again. And doesn't live with him because he's a baby, who wants tea. It's called "Wahh"
      Katie: Maybe Mark could audition for it!
      Mark: Actually Katie, I've got a new audition for a show. I'm up to play a desperate man who knows a girl's secret, and threatens to expose her in a heartbeat if she stands in his way. It's called "I'm moving in, so deal with it".
      Katie: Oh, fun.
      Hope: You know, I think I know a producer who's working on that actually Mark. I met him on a reality show called "I will dance on your grave".

    • Katie: Good day at work?
      Hope: Oh you know, the life of a TV executive. We're pitching a documentary about the ancient Greeks and how they built the Pyramids.
      Katie: Wasn't that the ancient Egyptians?
      Hope: (pauses for a moment) That's what they want you to think. We're blowing the lid off of that!

    • Hope: (handing Mark his coffee) Here you go sir.
      Mark: Oh excuse me, um, This is coffee. I ordered tea.
      Hope: No you didn't.
      Mark: Yes I did.
      Hope: (sarcastically) It's a hot drink.
      Mark: I have a big interview this morning, can I just have my tea instead?
      Hope: (groans, goes to get the tea and comes back) Here's your tea sir. (hands Mark the tea, and the a piece of paper) And here's your prize for being this week's most anal customer.

    • Mark: So do you still see anyone from high school?
      Katie: You remember Ben Armstrong?
      Mark: What a jerk. He super glued my hands to my face.
      Katie: We got together after college.
      Mark: Really? Nice Guy. Great at gluing.

    • Thom: (takes a sip of cereal and chicken noodle soup) You know, you'd expect cereal and chicken noddle soup to taste good together, but they don't. (he takes another sip of it) Nope, it really doesn't.

    • Hope: Katie, don't get me wrong, I like Ben.
      Katie: You do?
      Hope: No.

    • (about Mark moving into her apartment)
      Katie: Well that would be perfect! Just look me up, I'm on Facebook.
      Mark: I know.

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