Season 1 Episode 5

The Set-Up

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Mark and James are at a bar, and James says that he hasn't had sex in two weeks. Mark says that that isn't bad, but James says that God went out of his way to make him look good, so he is disappointing God. James asks how long it has been since Mark has had sex and Mark says that he doesn't keep track. Katie and Hope come up and they join in the conversation, and they decide that they should set Mark up on a blind date. Mark doesn't want to go on a blind date, but Hope and Katie continue talking and decide to set him up with Katie's co-worker Jenny.

At the apartment, Mark is getting ready for the blind date and Katie comments that his pants are hideous and Hope jokes that he doesn't have a butt. The door bell rings and Thom walks in. Katie and Hope say that his belt is horrible and go to find him a new one. Thom says that he brought Mark and aphrodisiac. James asks if Mark is nervous and then warns Mark that girls broadcast what happens on their dates to every other girl, and if this date goes badly it will go on his "record".

Katie and Hope come out and Hope asks why Thom is still here. He wishes mark good luck and then goes to leave. Before he leaves he tries a bunch of different things to try and go on a date with Hope, but she says no everytime. The doorbell rings and Katie tells Mark to quickly switch his belt, but he won't. James brings Jenny into the room. Katie and Jenny say hi and then Katie introduces her to Mark. Mark tries to say hi, but makes a fool of himself, and so they leave.

On the date, Mark is telling Jenny about the Indian Belt, and she clearly isn't paying attention, and tells Mark that she drifted off. Mark says that he can start over but she says he doesn't need to. Mark tries to make conversation with her, but she just seems bored and makes no effort, just giving short answers here and there. She then asks him if he knows where the bathrooms are, but calls him Mike. He corrects her.

The next day James asks Mark how the date went. Mark says that when he was younger his hamster crawled up his pants and bit his "tenders", and the date was even worse. Katie comes out and says that she just talked to Jenny, and she is crazy about Mark and wants to go out again. Katie tells him to call her. Hope comes out and asks how the date went, and when Katie says that Jenny wants to go out again, the two girls go to Mark's room to pick out his clothes.

Mark goes to talk to Thom and tells him that is confused about what is going on with Jenny, and Thom says that he gets it all the time. Jenny walks in and Thom leaves. Mark says they will have a beer and then go to dinner. Jenny jokingly says "do you have any more accessory stories?" He then mentions his grizzly bear watch. Katie walks in and both Mark and Jenny are relieved to see her. Katie came to see how the date is going and asks them. Mark says just like the other night, and Jenny says it is going good. Katie goes to leave, but Mark and Jenny tell her to stay, but she leaves. Jenny asks why Mark is on a date with her when he clearly has a crush on her.

Mark denies it, but Jenny can easily tell he does, and then says that she has a crush on Katie too. With that, the two start having a good time and share stories about Katie. The talking eventually leads to the two kissing.

The next day Mark and James go to Thom's apartment and once there Mark asks about what he should do about the fact that Jenny has a crush on Katie. James says that it could only mean that Jenny wants both of them, and he needs to record it.

Hope and Katie are talking about how Mark and Jenny are on their third date, the supposed "sex date". Jenny and Mark then enter the apartment. They briefly talk about their disastrous first date before Katie and hope say they make a good couple. Jenny compliments Katie's earrings and then calls her beautiful and talented.

Hope and Katie say that they are going to go to bed, but Mark and Jenny ask Katie to stay, making Hope mad. Jenny says that she wants to see Katie's stuff, which James makes sure that Mark hears. Katie says that she feels like she is imposing, but they say she isn't. Katie says that she will be right back, and then Jenny asks if Mark wants and extra body in his bed tonight. Mark is confused, and Jenny says that Katie wants it to happen, and Mark thinks that this means a threesome. He says that he will be right back and then he goes to talk to James.

Mark goes into the kitchen all panicked and James says that he heard. He tells Mark that he must never turn a threesome down, but it could turn out to be the biggest disaster of his adult life. He tells Mark that it must go perfectly if he wants a future with Katie. They peer out of the kitchen and see Jenny checking out Katie's necklace, though James says that it is just a way for Jenny to check out Katie's chest.

James tells Mark to get out there, and that he must do it, since it is rare. Katie asks Jenny how things are with Mark and she says good. Katie asks if it might get to the next level. Jenny says that she wants to, but is not sure Mark does. Katie says that it is just been a while and she needs to be gentle since Mark is sweet. The girls get up, and Katie goes to talk to Mark. As she comes in the kitchen James leaves, giving Katie a goofy smile. Katie tells Mark that she knows he is nervous, but he shouldn't' worry. Mark, thinking that they are going to have a threesome, asks if her if she is alright with this, and won't it be weird after it happens, but Katie says that everything will be fine. Mark says see you later, and she leaves with an awkward look.

Mark goes into the living room and he goes up to Jenny and the two start to kiss. Jenny asks if he is ready, and Mark says yes. Jenny says that Katie told her to be gentle. They go to leave, but Mark pulls away saying that he can't have a threesome with Jenny and Katie. Katie gets angry at this, and Mark says that she has a crush on Katie, and Jenny replies that she does, but not a romantic one. Jenny says that she can't believe she was going to sleep with him, and decides to leave.

Mark is upset and James walks out. James tells Mark to cancel his plans tomorrow cause they are going hamster shopping (in reference to their previous conversation).

Mark talks to Thom about how he blew it, and they talk about how they will never understand girls.
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