Season 1 Episode 2

The Tarot

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on ABC Family
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The Tarot
Still hurting form her breakup with Ben, Katie goes to see a Tarot card reader and finds out that she has already met the man of her dreams. Mark believes it must be him, so while Katie tries to figure out who in her life is Mr. Right, Mark tries to prove to her that it's him. With very bad advice from Thom and James, can Mark prove Katie he's the one?moreless

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  • Mark in his continuing quest to get Katie to like him finds out she went to a Tarot Reader and tries to be the the man of her dreams as predicted. Unfortunately he is but not in a good way.moreless

    This is the second episode and already I am getting a creepy feeling about this show. The writing is not that good and the acting though not bad is definitely mediocre at best. I think this may be it for me on this one.

    Many comedy shows are based on the forlorn love of someone who loves someone else, but is too shy to reveal it. This show takes that premise to new heights. Already in the second episode the perfect opportunity comes along for her to find out about his feelings and he does everything he can not to tell her. Then when the bomb drops (she opens the letter) it says Clark instead of Mark because his "best friend" is too stupid to remember his name long enough to bribe the Tarot reader with the right name?

    I am giving the episode a 5 as it is obvious they are trying, but something is going to have to change for this show to make it.moreless

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    • Mark: (Mark walks towards the kitchen where James is fixing the plumbing on the sink) So how's it coming?
      James: These pipes are really clogged, I'll need another tool.
      Mark: (Mark rips off his pants, and James looks excited) I've got your tool right here. (James wakes up in bed screaming, revealing it was a dream)

    • Mark: (about the envelope with Katie's true love in it) I don't think we should open it.
      Hope: What are you talking about? You were squealing like a girl three seconds ago.

    • Thom: (about wearing Ben's clothes) I'm like a really hip Ellen DeGeneres.

    • Katie: (to Hope) Let's go hang up my dream catcher.
      Hope: (to James) It's Native American, so spiritual.
      James: (using the Indian greeting) How....could you pay money for that.

    • Katie: I got a Hopi Indian Dream Catcher!
      James: Oh, you can put it next to the Navajo money waster.

    • Katie: (about her obsession with Mark) Look at me, I'm like a junkie! What am I going to do?
      Hope: Go get your purse. You're going to need some professional help. And I'll take Ben's clothes back to him just to be safe.
      Katie: You're such a good friend, thank you. (she walks away)
      Hope: Yeah. (Hope walks towards the living room and throws the bag with Ben's clothes in them out the window)

    • Hope: (Ben is at the door and Katie is going to see him) What are you doing?
      Katie: I heard Ben, I just wanted to say hi to Ben.
      Hope: No. (to Mark) Mark shut the door!
      Mark: (closes the door on Ben) Sorry man.
      Katie: Mark open the door! (Mark opens the door)
      Hope: Shut the damn door Mark. (Mark closes the door)
      Katie: Mark, open the door.
      Mark: I don't know, I think maybe we should...
      Katie: Open it!

    • James: (about Katie and Mark's conversation) Smooth Mark, go through the trouble of moving in with the girl of your dreams and then you recommend cereal.

    • James: (walks into the middle of the conversation between Katie, Mark, and Hope) What's going on?
      Hope: Katie had a dream about Mark having sex with someone.
      James: Interesting. (to Mark) Well at least you're getting some of the pretend world.

    • Mark: (about Katie's dream) Was she hot? At least smart with a good personality? Because the brain is the sexist organ on a woman.
      James: Nah, for me it's the big honking boobies.

    • Mark: So Katie you're up. Did you have any dreams? Not that I really care, just tell me exactly what they were.

    • Madam Sapphire: (about finding Hope's true love) Wait, wait, study your dreams. You will dream about the one, very soon. Sooner if you buy one of my Hopi Indian dream catchers for $29.95.

    • Katie: (to Madam Sapphire) I'm here because Hope brought me. I have this on again off again boyfriend...
      Hope: Off! We wanna make sure he stays off.

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    • Thom: Before you know it, you've proven that you're a lady in the streets, and a freak in the sheets.

      This is a reference to Usher's song Yeah! where one of Ludacris' lines is "we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed".