Season 1 Episode 2

The Tarot

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Katie is at the table eating cereal for breakfast and Mark is staring at her. However, everytime she looks at him he puts the newspaper in front of his face. She eventually tricks him and they then have an awkward conversation. James walks into the kitchen after Katie leaves and teases him. The doorbell rings and Mark answers the door. It is Ben, looking for his clothes. Katie hears them talking and goes to talk to Ben, but Hope cuts her off telling her not to and then tells Mark to shut the door. He does, and then Katie tells him to open it, followed by Hope again telling him to close it. Katie goes to the door, opens it and sees that Ben has left and she shouts for him down the hall.

Hope drags her back in and Katie admits that's he has a problem when it comes to Ben. She says that she will drop of his clothes and then be done with him, but Hope says no. She tells Katie to get her purse, because they need to go get some professional help. She also says that she will drop Ben's clothes off to him. Then, when Katie isn't looking she tosses them out the window.

Hope brings Katie to a tarot reader, saying that therapy is mumbo jumbo. Madam Sapphire walks in and tells them to put their hands in hers. She then says that they need to consult the tarot cards. She says that the cards say that Katie has already met the man she will spend the rest of her life with, but there isn't a name. She tells Katie to study her dreams, since it will reveal itself soon and sooner if she buys a dream catcher.

Hope and Katie go back to the apartment with the dream catcher where Mark and James joke about the fact that they bought one. Katie tells them what Madam Sapphire said and Mark is now interested. Katie and Hope go to hang up the dream catcher, and Mark goes back to reading the paper when all of a sudden he hears a bird noise coming from the window. Thom then appears on the fire escape and then tries to come in and meet Mark's roommates. Mark prevents him saying that he wants to get off on the right foot with his roommates before introducing him to them. Thom asks if he has made a move on Katie yet. He says no, and Thom reveals that he was listening in on their previous conversation and tells Mark to make sure that he is the last person Katie sees before going to bed that night.

Hope walks back out and Mark lifts the window seat up in order to hide Thom. Hope asks what he is doing and he just says checking out the window seat. Hope tells him that Katie wants him to hang up her dream catcher, and then she leaves. He puts the seat back down and sees that Thom has found the bag with Ben's clothes in them, and after a stupid joke from Thom, he makes him leave.

That night Mark goes into Katie's room to say goodnight, and he asks whether or not she really believes in this tarot stuff. She says that she doesn't know, but she does believe in true love. She asks Mark is he thinks he has found his true love and he says yes, but says that if he tells her then he'll have to kiss her, before quickly correcting himself to kill her. He then awkwardly leaves the room and goes to the living room where James is.

James realizes that Mark wants Katie to dream about him, and so he goes and says goodnight to Katie too. James goes back into the living room. Mark puts his magazine down and then goes to say goodnight to Katie again. He bursts into the room saying that he is looking for his shoes, but Katie points out that he is wearing them. He says they are like walking on air, and then he leaves. James then comes into her rooming asking Mark if he looked in Katie's room for his shoes, then points out he is wearing them, before saying goodnight to Katie and then leaving. Mark and James then spend a few seconds trying to have the last goodnight to Katie, before James says that Mark got him, and then he says goodnight and goes to his room.

After James goes into his room, Mark goes into his. Then James comes back out and tries to go say goodnight to Katie again, but then Mark jumps on him, preventing him from doing so.

The next morning when Katie comes out of her room Mark follows and asks if she had any dreams and what where they. She says that she did, and Hope says that it better not have been about Ben. Katie reveals that the dream was actually about Mark having sex with someone. He assumes between him and her, but she says it wasn't her. James walks in and finds out and jokes that at least Mark is getting some action some way or another. He asks who the lucky girl is, and Katie tells him hat it was actually a guy, and it was James. Hope just laughs, but James leaves the room.

Mark goes over to Thom's apartment where he is dancing in some of Ben's clothes. Mark then tells him about Katie's dream. He jokes that at least he was having sex. Thom tells him not worry and use this to his advantage. He says he should pretend to be gay, and then "break up" with his boyfriend and then convince Katie that she can turn him straight. Mark says that he is worried about whether or not he made the right choice of moving in with her and then says that Katie is going to get another reading, and he is afraid she might have a dream about him having sex with Ben this time.

Later, Thom comes to the apartment and reveals that he bribed Madam Sapphire into pointing Katie in Mark's direction. As Hope and Katie walk in the door, Mark shoves Thom out the window. Katie and Hope say that Madam Sapphire gave them an envelope with her true lover in the envelope, and they are going to open it along with a bottle of wine. As they go to get wine Thom comes back and says that Marks's name is in the envelope.

The girls come back and are ready to open it. Everyone gathers around, but then Katie gets nervous and wonders if it is the right thing to do. Mark then agrees with her and decides that she shouldn't open the envelope. He says that Katie should just let it happen naturally.

Later that night, Thom comes back to the window. Mark tells him that she didn't' open the envelope and that he doesn't want to since seeing his name could throw off nature's natural course. Thom then goes to sneak into Katie's room in order to get the envelope back. He successfully gets it, but Katie wakes up shortly after he leaves. He gives the envelope to Mark and then leaves.

Mark is looking at the envelope as James comes into the living room. He questions Mark about what is behind his back, but marks says nothing. He tricks Mark and gets the envelope. Mark then reveals that Thom bragged the tarot readers, and James says that he likes what he did. Mark and James wrestle over the envelope and then Katie comes out and sees it. Mark says that a gust blew it under her door, and then she takes it back.

Katie says that she had a dream about Ben sneaking out her window, so she decided to open the envelope. She yells for Hope to come out, and Mark quickly tries to make her go to bed. Hope comes dashing out and Katie says that she is going to open the envelope.

Hope says that it better not be Ben otherwise she is going to call the INS on Madam Sapphire. Katie opens the envelope and read the name. Instead of saying Mark, it says Clark. Mark is relieved to hear this, but Katie is in disbelief ad she doesn't know anyone named Clark. Katie then says that she needs to just relax, let things happen, and think of herself for a while. Hope and Katie go to bed, and then James teases Mark for Thom's mistake.

Sometime later, Mark criticizes Thom for the mistake and he apologizes. Thom feels confident in Ben's clothes and then goes to ask a girl out. Katie and Hope walk into the bar and see Thom in Ben's clothes and they think it is Ben. Hope tells her to just be and adult and have a beer and talk it out. She then takes a pitcher of beer and pours it all over Thom. She is shocked to see it is not Ben, and then Mark comes over and introduces Thom to Katie and Hope.

Later, Mark walks into the kitchen where James is fixing the pipes under the sink. Mark asks how it is going and James says that they are really clogged and he needs another tool. Mark rips off his pants and says he has James' tool right here, and James looks interested. However, James then walks up in his bed and screams about the dream that he just had.