Season 1 Episode 2

The Tarot

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on ABC Family



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    • Mark: (Mark walks towards the kitchen where James is fixing the plumbing on the sink) So how's it coming?
      James: These pipes are really clogged, I'll need another tool.
      Mark: (Mark rips off his pants, and James looks excited) I've got your tool right here. (James wakes up in bed screaming, revealing it was a dream)

    • Mark: (about the envelope with Katie's true love in it) I don't think we should open it.
      Hope: What are you talking about? You were squealing like a girl three seconds ago.

    • Thom: (about wearing Ben's clothes) I'm like a really hip Ellen DeGeneres.

    • Katie: (to Hope) Let's go hang up my dream catcher.
      Hope: (to James) It's Native American, so spiritual.
      James: (using the Indian greeting) How....could you pay money for that.

    • Katie: I got a Hopi Indian Dream Catcher!
      James: Oh, you can put it next to the Navajo money waster.

    • Katie: (about her obsession with Mark) Look at me, I'm like a junkie! What am I going to do?
      Hope: Go get your purse. You're going to need some professional help. And I'll take Ben's clothes back to him just to be safe.
      Katie: You're such a good friend, thank you. (she walks away)
      Hope: Yeah. (Hope walks towards the living room and throws the bag with Ben's clothes in them out the window)

    • Hope: (Ben is at the door and Katie is going to see him) What are you doing?
      Katie: I heard Ben, I just wanted to say hi to Ben.
      Hope: No. (to Mark) Mark shut the door!
      Mark: (closes the door on Ben) Sorry man.
      Katie: Mark open the door! (Mark opens the door)
      Hope: Shut the damn door Mark. (Mark closes the door)
      Katie: Mark, open the door.
      Mark: I don't know, I think maybe we should...
      Katie: Open it!

    • James: (about Katie and Mark's conversation) Smooth Mark, go through the trouble of moving in with the girl of your dreams and then you recommend cereal.

    • James: (walks into the middle of the conversation between Katie, Mark, and Hope) What's going on?
      Hope: Katie had a dream about Mark having sex with someone.
      James: Interesting. (to Mark) Well at least you're getting some of the pretend world.

    • Mark: (about Katie's dream) Was she hot? At least smart with a good personality? Because the brain is the sexist organ on a woman.
      James: Nah, for me it's the big honking boobies.

    • Mark: So Katie you're up. Did you have any dreams? Not that I really care, just tell me exactly what they were.

    • Madam Sapphire: (about finding Hope's true love) Wait, wait, study your dreams. You will dream about the one, very soon. Sooner if you buy one of my Hopi Indian dream catchers for $29.95.

    • Katie: (to Madam Sapphire) I'm here because Hope brought me. I have this on again off again boyfriend...
      Hope: Off! We wanna make sure he stays off.

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  • Allusions

    • Thom: Before you know it, you've proven that you're a lady in the streets, and a freak in the sheets.

      This is a reference to Usher's song Yeah! where one of Ludacris' lines is "we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed".