Season 1 Episode 7

The Uninvited Thom

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Katie walks into the coffee shop that Hope works at and asks her how she is doing. Hope says she is doing fine, and then asks if her boss is behind her. When Katie says no, Hope says that she hates this place. Just then Hope's boss comes up and tells her to hurry up and help the customers in line. Hope then asks for a breaks saying that she has been working hard all day. Her boss says no, and Katie then tells her to stand up for herself. He comes back and reminds Hope that she is suppose to sell the cake sitting in the case nearby. She says that she thinks it has gone bad and tells him to smell it, and when he does she pushes his face into the cake. After laughing at him for a minute she says she quits and walks out the door with Katie.

Back at the apartment, Mark is getting ready to go to his job as a temp at an office and is having James tie his tie for him. When James says he is set to go, Mark looks and realizes that James tied it wrong, and James starts laughing. Katie walks in and tells him that it is all wrong and to ask James for help tying it.

Katie asks if Hope is up and James says no, saying that she "was more Vodka then woman". Katie says that he is proud of her for showing that she it is ok to quit her job, and James says that she showed a lot more getting out of a cab. Hope then walks in in a panic realizing that if she doesn't have a job then she can't go shopping. She is also depressed realizing that she will be with Mark all day. Mark them tells her and Katie that he will be temping at an office. After finding out where he will be working, Hope begs Mark to help her get a job at the place. He is reluctant to do it, but after some tickling by Katie he agrees. Katie and Hope leave and James asks Mark if he is actually ticklish and he says no.

At the office Mark is at a desk when he gets a call. It is Hope, and Mark tells her that he hasn't gotten her a job yet. After he hangs up on her, he receives a bunch of calls that he puts on hold. He thinks he loses one customer and ends up saying something bad, only to find out that his boss' Grandmother is on the phone. 3

The head of the company, David Schick comes in and tells Mark all about what he needs to do for the day and then realizes he isn't talking to who he thought he was. He then mentions that his assistant quit and that he needs someone to fill their place. Mark declines, but then gives him the idea of hiring Hope. After Mark tells David about Hope (including some lies), David says that he wants to meet her. Mark asks if he wants to have her come to the office that afternoon, but he says no because office interviews are always so stressful Mark agrees to set something less formal (but still in a quiet place) up, and suggests their apartment. David says he'll be there.

At the apartment James is saying that he can't believe that a guy like David Schick would be coming to their apartment, but Thom says that it is nothing more then a booty call. Mark tells them to be nice since if Hope gets a job he will look like a hero to Katie. However James says that he if that happens once again he won't do anything for months. James then says that he should get David as a client so that he could earn some more "zeroes" and that why he will have more then Mark and Thom did in their fraternity, to which Thom laughs off saying they couldn't even get into one.

Katie walks in and asks if Hope is ready just as she walks in. She asks Katie to check her outfit and after approving tells Katie to go get ready. Katie says she is ready, and Hope says no she is not. Katie says she is going casual because it is Hope's night to shine. Mark then says that she should know something about David, saying that he is looking for more then an assistant. When Hope asks what James replies "sex!". Hope is ok with it, saying that all guys want are looking for sex, it's nothing new. Mark and Thom are astonished by this, but Hope and Katie don't seem to mind at all.

Hope and Katie say that David is cute, and Hope thinks about just cutting out the work and marrying him. Mark tells Hope that when David gets to the store to not come on too strong, to which she says she doesn't do, but everyone disagrees. David then knocks on the door and Hope instantly get nervous. Mark answers the door and David says that he loves the apartment saying it is simple and uncomplicated. Mark introduces David to Hope. James then comes up and introduces himself saying that they will do business later and then gives him a business card.

Hope offers her a drink and then jokes about him offering her a job. After seeing Katie, Mark introduces them. David and Katie begin to have a conversation and David seems to be interested in Katie. Hope then drags Mark into her room and gets mad that David is interested in Katie. Mark is also annoyed by this. Hope then breaks down and starts crying saying that all her confidence is gone and that she is a mess and Mark tries to cheer her up. He then tells her to fix her make up and blow her nose, which she does. He also tells her to loosen up a button on her shirt. Just as she seems to stop crying, she tells Mark to say that she looks great, and when he does she starts crying again. Mark tells her to pull herself to together or she could end up with Thom. She immediately stops crying and thanks him, saying she needed to hear something like that.

Back In the main room Katie brings a bowl into the living room and David follows her asking where she is going, and Katie says that she is going to check on everyone, and then yells out asking hope if she is ok. David says that they should focus on her. David is happy to meet a girl that doesn't want anything from him, but Katie quickly gets the attention back to Hope when she and Mark walk back into the room.

James tries to pitch a business opportunity to David, but Katie quickly gets rid of him. Katie tries to go freshens up her drink, but Thom tells her to stay, but Mark tells her to go. Thom then tells Mark to back off saying that he doesn't want David getting together with Hope.

Mark goes into the kitchen where Katie says it is a disaster and tells Mark to think up something to do about David. In the living room Hope tries to talk to David about his company and what he does, but id doesn't go something and she goes to get a drink. Thom then tell her that she is close to losing him forever, but Hope doesn't care and Thom leaves.

With just James left in the living room, David tells him that Katie is playing hard to get and that he is sick of it and it is making him horny, then saying that he loves a challenge. In the kitchen Hope begins to freak out about how bad this meeting is going, David walks up to the kitchen and then ask Katie if they could go somewhere quieter. She replies that the dining room is quiet. Katie says that she can't go with him, and he says that her roommates shouldn't mind. Mark then says that he minds, then saying that he and Katie are a couple. He begins to say that they didn't want to say anything because…to which Katie finishes up by saying that Mark is still married. Mark then begins to say his true feelings for Katie, while the whole time she thinks it is an act. Meanwhile, James is watching all of this and laughing at it.

David does not seem mad and is actually happy for Mark saying that he wants what Mark has and that he is lucky. He goes to get a drink to toast with, and then Katie says that Mark is a great actor saying that she almost believed that he was actually in love with her. Mark goes into the kitchen where he mentions that he brought him over to meet Hope, and then David reveals that he knows that what he jut said was not true. He then says that he knows how to read people, and he knows that Mark is in love with Katie.

David goes back into the living room to talk to Katie, but Katie tells him to sit and that it is her turn to talk. After she id done, David says that he wasn't going to ask her out, he was going to offer her a job because he thinks she would be perfect for it. Hope asks to see Katie in the kitchen, where Hope tells her to take the job, saying that she hates her job, and jokingly saying that if she is going to hate a job, hate one that would be good for her.

David comes to the kitchen and ask Katie is she will accept the job. She asks how much she would make and he e-mails her the amount. After seeing the amount, Hope says that she will do it, and Katie also says that. David says that he will IM her the job details. James come up and says that they should go out drinking and looking for hot chicks and David happily agrees. On their way out he asks where he got his leather business cards made.

The next day, Mark and Katie are sitting on the couch and Mark asks if Katie truly thinks that guys are only thinking about having sex with girls when they talk to them, and Katie says yes. Mark says that it isn't true, but in his mind he says that he would love to have sex with her. Katie says that is just what guys are about and that girls think about way more, but in her mind she says that she is horny. James walks into the room tells Katie to scout over because he wants to watch the game. In his mind he says that he loves watching the cheerleaders and he hope it is cold out. Hope walks into the room and asks if the game has started and James says it is about to. In her mind she says that she loves watching the guys since they have tight butts that could cracks walnuts. Thom walks into the apartment and says that there is a Star Trek marathon on and ask if they want to watch. He then says the same thing in his mind and then looks puzzled by it.