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Missy Anne Reynolds' Betrayel?

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    A few episodes after this one, when Kizzy is telling her son Goerge not to trust Tom Moore, she tells him that she was once betrayed by a white (Missy Anne) who was once her best friend, but later on betrayed her.

    I don't remember a betrayel ever happening in the series. Did I miss something or did I misunderstand Missy Anne's relationship with Kizzy?

    Thanks !!

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    I know this is sortof an old post (I was out of action much of the spring with back to back bouts of the flu and tried to check in when I could but unfortunately not on the forum), but the "betrayal" that Kizzy speaks about is when Missy Anne had promised that Kizzy would never be sold and would always be her friend. Obviously, that was a promise that Anne could never keep.... particularly as she matured and eventually discovered that she had bigger fish to fry, with an ever-growing interest in young male suitors. In addition, there was a scene when Kizzy was being dragged off to be sold after being fingered for forging documents to help Noah escape, and Missy Anne had been (implictly) implicated in the illegal activity of teaching Kizzy how to read and write (essentially leading to the creation of such documents), which Anne vehemently denied, disparaging Kizzy while doing so.

    Since Kizzy was younger than Anne, she internalized their relationship as being "real" in the scope of her childhood fantasy world under the duress of enslavement, and such a rejection by a "friend" was essentially unforgiveable. In reality, Kizzy was nothing but the throw-away plaything of a wealthy, soon-to-be debutante. This realization took quite a psychological toll on Kizzy - particularly given who she was sold to (resulting in the horror of years of repeated rape and general maltreatment by a much poorer and always-inebriated owner). And that bitterness was shown to have lasted for many many years, leading to the infamous "spit in the cup of water" scene that was shown to essentially give Kizzy some final measure of "revenge", symbollically representing the end of her "healing" process, and heralding the start of the resolution to her sad state of being.

    There was also an underlying double meaning for why Kizzy was sold - i.e., the conflict between the 2 Reynolds brothers and the fact that Missy Anne was the result of the philandering of one brother with the other's wife. And thus a twisted punishment was ultimately meted out in revenge, with Kizzy's selling.

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