Roots: The Complete Miniseries

Season 1 Episode 4

Part 4

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 1977 on ABC

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  • More of a filler...

    The now-adult Kunta/Toby has slowly adjusted to his new existence and although on the outside is obedient, having been beat and whipped into submission, his internal spirit has not waned one bit and his desire to escape is as strong as ever.

    John Amos, in an attempt to recover his reputation after being forced to act like a stereotypical clown and buffoon in the '70s television show "Good Times", where it was a known fact that he continually protested his character's depiction on that CBS show and was subsequently fired for it, gradually allows the audience to come to accept him as Kunta following LeVar Burton's exit as the younger version of the character.

    Although somewhat of a filler episode that traverses time, Amos' best work is when he encounters Madge Sinclair's strong and proud "Bell" and one can see right off, the chemistry between the two, as in the midst of the gravity of the story, Amos' mischievous personality and wry look, often pops out while he interacts with Sinclair.
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