Rosario + Vampire

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  • Season 2
    • 12/24/08

      Tsukune makes his way to the northern end of the monster world in an effort to plead with Moka's father to bring back Outer Moka. But Tsukune must face obstacles such as Kokoa's bats,Snow Fairies lead by Mrs Shirayuki, and Mrs Korono. Fortunately, Tsukune's female friends are willing to help him out, but then comes the big confrontation with Moka's father, one of the top monsters in the area. Will Tsukune be able to get Outer Moka back?

    • Seal and Vampire
      Episode 12

      In order to restore the great barrier, Moka gave up her Rosario to power the barrier in place of the broken one, and now has to live student life as her more powerful vampire self. Tsukune is left sad at the loss of Outer Moka, who he came to know and love, and Inner Moka's attempts to fill her place only deepens his sorrow. Things get even more infuriating when the other girls' mothersarrive for Parent's Day,intending to make Tsukune their son-in-law. All the while, Tsukune is determined to bring Outer Moka back, but how?

    • 12/10/08

      Tsukune's cousin Kyoko visits Yokai to deliver some sweets, but bumps intoKokoa. Kyoko ends up takingKokoa's package by mistake,discovering itcontains a strange mirror and a pixie who tells her the mirror canshow the truenature of any monster who gazes at it. Kyoko uses it to transform somenearby students, butall hell breaks loose when the pixie decides to fly all over campus and transform the entire student body into their true monsterforms for fun. Moka tries to help Kyoko out, even if it means revealing her true vampire self.

    • Bishounen and Vampire

      A transfer student named Ijuuin Kotaro quickly becomes popular among the female students at Yokai. However, things become downright peculiarwhen the girls who fight forTsukune's affectionbegin falling for Ijuuin one by one. Tsukune and Gin suspect something is amiss, but after Gin become one of Ijuuin's admirers as well, Tsukune is left to solve the problem himself. In the meantime, Kokoa is looking around Yokai for her missing pet bat, Kou.

    • 11/26/08
      Kokoa has learned how Moka transforms into a super vampire; she tries to find her but Moka, Tsukune and the gang have all gone on a school ski trip. Kokoa chases Moka down but then an avalanche ends up trapping her and Tsukune in a cave.
    • 11/19/08

      A series of short sketches.

      Many many ... chapter 1
      Ruby sets out to enforce a strict policy on longer skirts for female uniforms after a rountine bickering between Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore. Upon learning this, Gin heads out to try stopping her (for the sake of his "photography").

      Ms Nekonome buys some new scanty clothes, however Ms Kagome talks her out of it, but immidatelycontridicts herself and shops for some. Bothearn Ruby's anger at their antics.

      It's not right chapter
      Ms Kagome reflects back on the old days and wants payback forMoka pummelingher. Ms Nokonome saves the day in a superhero suit. However, they try peicing her identiy together after Kagome notices something familair about her.

      Kurumu's happy feeling chapter
      Moka, Mizore and Yukari all offer something to Tsukune only to be chopped down by Kurumu.

      Bathroom and vampire extra chapter
      Kokoa is still riding here bike to catch up with the group. When she finally arrives, everyone already went back to school.

      The seven flavour chapter
      Moka always bites Tsukune in the morning and can tasted what he has been eating. So Tsukune tries several strong flavored meals/drinks to keep her from biting him.

      Wolf and dog chapter
      Yukari finds a little puppy. However, it tears up the News Club room. Gin angerily berates Yukari for this and she, and the puppy, cry.

      Many many ... chapter 2
      Ruby inspect each and every girl for skirt length to make sure they're following the new rule. However, she becomes increasingly furstrated by them and ends accidently tripping over her own skirt. With everyone ready to point this out to her, Ruby decides to just drop the rule to have them forget about it.

    • 11/12/08
      Tsukune takes the free period of the field trip to visit his mother, but Moka makes a surprise visit, and soon the other girls crash the party. Tsukune's mom is shocked by the influx of scantily-clad girls, calling for dad to hurry back and give Tsukune some sex education. Meanwhile, Tsukune's cousin visits and decides that the girls should have a competition over who will be Tsukune's girlfriend. Kokoa tries to catch up by riding a bicycle really, really fast.moreless
    • 11/5/08
      Tsukune and the girls go on a cIass field trip, which means hot springs (or cold springs if you're Mizore) and sightseeing. Moka feels somewhat isolated from not getting alone time with Tsukune. A rival high school, Monster Industrial High has been conquering the local schools, and finds an opportunity to go after Youkai Academy. They recruit a special enforcer, but it ends up being someone familiar to the girls.moreless
    • 10/29/08
      The group are taking cooking classes and Mizore is feeling left out because the class is practicing making curry and she feels ill making hot foods. However by the end of the day she may be the only one who can save the school.
    • 10/22/08
      Yukari has been feeling jealous that she doesn't have a great body and any sign of a developed chest, but the school nurse, Mako, uses some monster magic to transform her into a full-grown adult. She soon becomes the latest campus hottie, but to Tsukune, she doesn't garner that much more attention. And just in time for the school physical examinations, will she be able to measure up to the busty Kurumi?moreless
    • 10/15/08
      It's Parents Day at Youkai Academy. Tsukune can't bring his parents for obvious reasons, and Moka's parents never go. But Kurumi's mom and Mizore's mom do visit. Although they resemble their daughters, they happen to be rivals, and when they find out their daughters like Tsukune, they go all-out in doing what they can to win.moreless
    • 10/8/08
      The orange-haired girl reveals herself to be Moka's little sister, Kokoa. She is quite powerful, that Moka has to run away and hide around school. Moka tells the gang how she used to spar with Kokoa and always bested her, so now Kokoa is wanting revenge. Moka decides to confront her once and for all, and in the process, reveals her vampire powers.moreless
    • 10/2/08
      Tsukune is all psyched to return to Youkai Academy for his second year, and seeing all the girls whom he has become buddies with. However, there's a new first year girl with orange hair that has been causing quite a ruckus with everyone. Moka is popular as ever, especially with the first year girls, but among her numerous fan letters she finds in her locker, she starts receiving some notices warning her that she will be killed on the day of the entrance ceremony.moreless
  • Season 1