Rosario + Vampire

Thursday 12:00 AM on Chiba TV Premiered Jan 03, 2008 In Season


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  • need more of this show

    need more of the show

  • Little Monsters?

    I happen to have discovered this Anime, Rosario + Vampire on Netflix & i immediately fell in love with it. The series is about Tsukune, a teenager who in a twist of fate wound up in a school with a very exclusive student body, monsters in human form. Just when he thought he was in a bad school, he meets Moka, a very pretty girl who just happens to be a vampire.

    This show is mostly aimed for those Anime fans in need of a "fanservice" fix, since it is chock-a-block with panty shots & subtle sexual humor. And to complicate Tsukune's life even more, he is also being pursued by other lovelies like Kurumu (a succubus), Yukari (a preteen witch) & Mizore (a cute kaguya, a Japanese ice woman).

    This show is 1 of the best Anime series i have ever seen. I wish i was as lucky as Tsukune in my high school years!
  • i loved it

    i loved it but hate that we can only see 4 episodes for free and that fat guy in number 4 really creeps me out

    the one thing that i dont understand is if he keeps being bitten by moka wouldnt he become a vampire like moka
  • this is the best anima ever hope they make more

    i really hope they make a season 3
  • In 1 word: Fantastic.

    Rosario + Vampire is a great show. The best part in my opinion is that it doesn't completely follow the manga (which most anime do). The characters are great and there is a lot of humor in the series. Every episode has a "monster-of-the-week" episode and it always has a funny struggle between the girls for the main characters love.

    The only sad part is that since season 2, the anime networks in Japan started to cencor the anime with annoying teddy bears.

    I hope that after season 2, another season will follow it. I got redrawel symptons after the last "break".

    I give this show an 8.5/10
  • i love it

    Well to begin the main character have a lot of girls friends taht are secretly monsters such as succubus, vampire, witches. Everytime except for moka the girls usually have a fight with the main character ( who don't do anything but pull of the rosario from moka which he repeats for the next 12 episodes each fights he get in.) this series have 13 episode and the main character which is a boy who don't have any powers(transformation) usually depends on the girls to help him which made him like a sissy this made a lot of fangirls mad. This show is reccomended to anyone who like comedy or romance but had no real ending similar to the guessing anime.
  • Tsukune was just your average human until he entered a school for demons.

    I really like this show. I wanted to start a new anime and I had recently learned that this one had basically just started as an anime, so knowing it didn't have that many episodes I started it. It started off a little slow, but it was still funny. I was disappointed to learn that Season 1 only had 13 episodes, but I'm excited for the second season later this year. I now read the manga which is a little different than the anime, but I still love them both. I recommend this anime to those who enjoy action, comedy, and a little romance!