Rosario + Vampire

Season 2 Episode 8

Youth And Vampire

Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Nov 19, 2008 on Chiba TV
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Youth And Vampire

A series of short sketches.

Many many ... chapter 1
Ruby sets out to enforce a strict policy on longer skirts for female uniforms after a rountine bickering between Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore. Upon learning this, Gin heads out to try stopping her (for the sake of his "photography").

Ms Nekonome buys some new scanty clothes, however Ms Kagome talks her out of it, but immidatelycontridicts herself and shops for some. Bothearn Ruby's anger at their antics.

It's not right chapter
Ms Kagome reflects back on the old days and wants payback forMoka pummelingher. Ms Nokonome saves the day in a superhero suit. However, they try peicing her identiy together after Kagome notices something familair about her.

Kurumu's happy feeling chapter
Moka, Mizore and Yukari all offer something to Tsukune only to be chopped down by Kurumu.

Bathroom and vampire extra chapter
Kokoa is still riding here bike to catch up with the group. When she finally arrives, everyone already went back to school.

The seven flavour chapter
Moka always bites Tsukune in the morning and can tasted what he has been eating. So Tsukune tries several strong flavored meals/drinks to keep her from biting him.

Wolf and dog chapter
Yukari finds a little puppy. However, it tears up the News Club room. Gin angerily berates Yukari for this and she, and the puppy, cry.

Many many ... chapter 2
Ruby inspect each and every girl for skirt length to make sure they're following the new rule. However, she becomes increasingly furstrated by them and ends accidently tripping over her own skirt. With everyone ready to point this out to her, Ruby decides to just drop the rule to have them forget about it.


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