Rose and Maloney

Season 2 Episode 3

Series 2, Episode 3

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on ITV
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Series 2, Episode 3

The duo re-investigate the case of a wealthy property developer convicted of murdering his father, sister and business partner on a remote farm. They soon realise that people with power can buy almost anything, but that even the rich can't escape from their secrets.

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  • Shows how a good drama should be.

    What a fantastic episode. Makes you glad there are still people out there who can make excellent television.

    First up, lots of good actors. So many progs rely on a "bankable" name and a whole bunch of cheap newcomers. This is full of "familiar faces" and an absolute blinder from the excellent George Costigan, and an impressive performance from Joe Armstrong.

    Second up, credible plot, which nevertheless has plenty to work out as you go along.

    Topped of with excellent direction - I note, in passing, that TV.Com doesn't bother to list even major crew members... it wouldn't hurt us to remember just how much of the creative talent in good television doesn't stand in front of the cameras.moreless
Neil Dudgeon

Neil Dudgeon

Alan Richmond

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Mary Tamm

Mary Tamm

Danuta Richmond

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Diana Coupland

Diana Coupland

Anna Roche

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Nisha Nayar

Nisha Nayar


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    • Rose: Hello Sgt Glover. Is this a coincidence or do we have a mutual love of ornamental gardens?

    • Rose: Sgt Glover, he really despises you.
      Marcus: Well, he has good reason. I ruined his career.
      Rose: Why?
      Marcus: Because I could. He got fixated about a fire in a building I owned and he got suspicious.
      Rose: Rightly so.

    • Maloney: Didn't hear you come in last night. Did you... um..?
      Rose: Nope.
      Maloney: Well, didn't Phil...?
      Rose: He tried.
      Maloney: He's still got the...?
      Rose: Yes.

    • Phil: How are your chops?
      Rose: Sorry?
      Phil: Your chops?
      Rose: …Memorable.
      Phil: That's good. You can't beat a good chop.
      Rose: Your jacket is on fire, Phil.

    • Maloney: (waiting with Rose for his new girlfriend, Julie) Look, just sit down, Rose, will you? For Christ's sake. Bloody hell! Look, sit down. You're always on the way out, aren't you? I ask you to do this one thing for me! Just be nice for once in your life. I don't get enough sex! I want some sex! So unless you're volunteering, please don't blow this for me -
      Rose: (over his shoulder) Hi, you must be Julie.

    • Rose: So, who is it, Maloney? Who's my date?
      Maloney: (squirms evasively) It's... a surprise...
      Rose: It's Phil from Personnel, isn't it?
      Maloney: Yes...

    • Rose: (demanding a good blind date) Okay, but no dross on my side of the table. So not Phil from Personnel, okay?
      Maloney: Oh, Phil's nice.
      Rose: He's impotent.
      Maloney: No, that's just a rumour.
      Rose: Not to me it isn't.

    • Rose: You buy me a dinner, right?
      Maloney: Well, it's not just dinner I want you for.
      Rose: Aren't you supposed to get me drunk before you say that?
      Maloney: Well, the fact is I've got a sort of... um...well it is a... a date, actually.
      Rose: You want me to come on your date?
      Maloney: You can smoke, okay, I just need someone to... um...
      Rose: Make you look good until you're up for a shag?
      Maloney: No! Well, yeah... I'll find someone for you.

    • Maloney: (watching Rose light a cigarette) I thought you were giving up.
      Rose: Yeah, I am.
      Maloney: You're wearing a patch.
      Rose: Yeah, they're rather good. I find that they do need a bit of topping up.

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