Season 2 Episode 19

All of Me

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jackie finds a new boyfriend that she is spending a lot of time with. Roseanne isnt too fond of the relationship, because jackie isnt being herself. She is portraying a "perfect" persona, who agrees with everything he says, and enjoys all that he does.

Roseanne voices her concerns, and Jackie gets a bit defensive, yet she knows it is the truth. Jackie decides to tell him, while they are in bed, that she isnt really "super Jackie".

She admits that she doesnt enjoy watching sports with him on television. He counters with the truth as well, that he doesnt enjoy watching sports with her, either, and thats o.k.

She then tells him that she doesnt ever wear makeup, but that shes been applying it to look great for him all the time. He says that he never asked her to wear makeup, and that he thinks she looks beautiful without it.

Her final admission was that at night, she lies in bed, bites her nails, and spits them across the room while he is asleep. He lets her know that he isnt asleep when she is doing that, but he pretends to be, so she can do it.

After all her admissions, he asks her to speak up, and be herself. she says that she will. They decide to go get something to eat, and he asks her where she wants to go, she says she doesnt care, any where he wants is fine.