Season 2 Episode 15

An Officer and a Gentleman

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 1990 on ABC
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An Officer and a Gentleman
Roseanne is heading to visit her parents once again in Moleen. Jackie steps in as substitute mom and dazzles Dan with her housekeeping skills. Jackie is surprised to learn how Dan really thinks of her and that he remembers the first time they met.

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  • The 'what if' question is asked

    What if Jackie and Dan had infact hooked up rather that Dan and Roseanne. We get too see Dan and Jackie discover a new found respect for each other as Jackie plays housewife to accomodate for Roseanne who was visiting her ill father. Jackie is shakey at first but her very laid back attitude works well with for the conner children who are all transformed into 'nice' children. Who do things for each other eg. Darlene volunteering to get her brother instead of Becky.

    However the final 8 or so minutes has sexual energy devloping between Jackie and Dan. It was cheesy at times however very engaging and it provided interesting insights into these characters. The question of 'what if' Jackie and Dan had married instead is asked. They discuss Dan's job, Jackie's love life and the first time they met, which Dan originally forgets but then remembers. For a second there, I thought they were going to kiss. Thankfully they didn't. But it was a really good episodemoreless
  • Life without Roseanne

    By far one of my favorite shows. This one displays the talents of Jackie and Dan as actors, without Roseanne and what life could be like without Roseanne. The reason why I enjoyed this one so much was the great chemistry that Jackie and Dan have together. At one point, I felt like wow this two should have gotten together, especially at the end, when Dan recalls the first meeting.

    The kids for the first time seem really happy and they is a sense of peace in the house. The Leave it to Beaver segment is priceless. But just like Leave it to Beaver, that is a fanasty world and is when return to the true nature of a family.

  • When Roseanne is out of town visiting her injured father, Jackie takes some vacation time to assist Dan with taking care of the kids and running the household.

    Here's another episode I hoarded on DVR until Season Two appeared on DVD. In an interesting turn of events, Roseanne was absent for most of this episode, letting the strong ensemble cast work without her. The actors looked as if they were really enjoying themselves, without The Star hogging all the airtime. Another example of how fresh and capable the writing and directing was during the early years of the show. It was very amusing to watch how things ran like clockwork when Jackie took over for a while. I had the feeling it wouldn't have lasted too much longer, but everyone pitched in and got through Roseanne's absence. Jackie turned out to be reliable and steady, unlike her often-neurotic and hysterical self (a trait she displayed unflatteringly in the later years). The children actually worked with the adults, rather than against them, to survive the time of their mother's absence. As in other episodes, everything just clicked, and it was a pleasure to watch. The little interlude between Dan and Jackie was short enough and sweet and just a little wistful. A very nice episode.moreless
  • Roseanne is gone for a couple days becauase her father had an accident, so Jackie is filling in for her.

    Roseanne's dad was in the hospital so Roseanne left to be with him and her mother for a couple of days. Jackie filled in for her as the mother of the house. She does a good job and she actually really enjoys it. They even do a "Leave it to Beaver" parody that's real funny.

    When Jackie and Dan are talking like friends instead of calling each other names like usual Jackie admits she liked Dan back in high school. And Dan said he thought she was cute too. There was some awkward silence there and you almost got the feeling that something might happen between the two. But once Roseanne gets back at the end of the episode it's back to the norm.moreless
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John Goodman

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the end of the episode, Roseanne comes home from seeing her parents in Moline where she tells Jackie she got her haircut and we see her with the new haircut. If you go back, at the beginning of this episode as Roseanne is getting ready to leave to see her parents she's all dressed to go outside in the cold with coat, and a hat dressed to secretly cover up her hair. She has the new haircut at the beginning of the episode.

      On the DVD version the first scene shows Roseanne and Jackie walking into the house and looking into a mirror and Roseanne complaining that she spent $12.00 for this haircut that she hates.

    • An Officer and a Gentleman is John Goodman's favorite episode of Roseanne. He likes it because it dealt with something never really talked about-- the "almost" attraction between Dan (John Goodman) and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf). He finds Laurie to be an amazing actress and had fun playing off her in this episode.

    • As the kids are walking out the door for school and DJ returns to get help from Jackie to get his sweatshirt on. When he walks in the door, his pants are covered in oatmeal & when she pulls his sweatshirt down, his pants are clean & dry.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Becky: (After D.J. shows Jackie the milk all over himself accidentally caused by Becky) D.J. you're soo insignif.
      D.J.: I'm going to tell mom you cursed.

    • Dan: (beginning to help Jackie with washing the dishes) I've never washed dishes with another woman before.
      Jackie: How does it feel?
      Dan: cheap

    • Crystal: (Crystal asking Jackie about her dad's condition) Is he in a lot of pain?
      Jackie: Well he's with my mother and my sister.

    • Roseanne: (telling Jackie about what needs to be done while she's gone, holding the fridge door open) There's stuff in here for breakfast and there's stuff in here for making the lunch.
      Jackie: So basically, the food is in the refrigerator.

    • Jackie and Dan have been reminiscing on high school days, and Jackie thinks that Dan doesn't remember the first time they met. As they are talking, the phone rings and Dan answers it. It is Roseanne, and Jackie starts to leave.
      Dan: Jack, you leavin'?
      Jackie: Yeah. Tell her hi, and I'll see you tomorrow.
      Dan: Hey Jackie?
      We'd just lost the Paulie High game 27 to 14.
      You were standing on the northeast corner of the football field with that redheaded girl, and she had on an orange sweater, and you had on a grey hooded sweatshirt.

    • Dan: What are you doing here?
      Jackie: Playing housewife.
      Dan I don't think this room has ever been used for that before.

    • Jackie: {on the phone to Roseanne} No, Becky, just left, but I promise I'll call her that when she gets back.

  • NOTES (0)


    • The title of the episode An Officer and a Gentleman is taken from the 1982 movie of the same name starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger.

    • As the Conner children go off to school, theme music from Leave it to Beaver plays - an allusion to the normally raucous household uncharacteristically operating functionally. Jackie also hums the theme to herself as she makes breakfast in a scene a few minutes prior to this one.