Season 8 Episode 14

Becky Howser, M.D.

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mark senses Becky's unhappiness, and decides that she needs a night with friends and family over to the trailer, would cheer her up. He invites Roseanne and asks her to pass the word, that Becky is down, and could use a good time. Roseanne pre warns the family against making trailer jokes at Becky's expense.
Becky is surprised to see the family, and some of the trailer park residents all crowded into the house when she walked in. Mark explained that he is just trying to make her happy. As the night goes on, she keeps growing more depressed, until the toilet overflows, and sends her running from the room.
Roseanne lets all know that the party is over, while Mark is outside, trying to jack the trailer up on the side, so that the water doesn't hit the carpet. She follows Becky into her room, and asks her why she is so unhappy. Becky runs down the list of things that are bringing her down, starting and ending, with Mark.
She tells Roseanne that she feels as if she has missed her chance to go to school, to become an EMT, or a therapist. Roseanne urges her to go ahead and get back in the game. That it is not too late, and that she will help her in any way that she can.
After Roseanne and family clear out, Becky tells Mark that she was accepted the college, but that she turned it down, to start her life with him. She explains that she is wondering if things would be different if she had indeed followed through on her education. Mark answers half heartedly, and dismisses her talk. Becky then tells him, that she is going to quit trying to have a baby right now. That she thinks it would be in everyone's best interest to hold off on the family for now. Then she mentions that Roseanne thought it was a good idea, and Mark blows up.
Mark is heated, when he hits the kitchen at the Conner's to confront Roseanne. He demands that she stay out of his and Becky's lives. He blamed her for the entire change in Becky's attitude towards their life. Roseanne tries to reassure him, that Becky's plans are including Mark. He informs her, that he hadn't heard anything about all of this, until her decisions were made. A confused Roseanne leaves to get the story from Becky.
Becky is going over her college schedule when Roseanne arrives, and she immediately starts to show her what her plans are. Roseanne asks her if her plans were going to include her husband. Becky was silent. Roseanne pushed further, and becky told her that she had things under control. Roseanne passed on the way that Mark was feeling, and it didn't seem to bother Becky at all, but it did bother Roseanne. Becky leaves to the office supply store, to pick up some envelopes and stamps to mail out her school schedules and applications. Just as Roseanne is leaving the trailer, Mark comes home from work, and demands to know why she is there. Roseanne tries to explain that Becky wants to change their lives together. Mark concludes the conversation with one final question. He asks his Mother-in-law, how many Dr.'s she knows, that have a mechanic as a husband. She is silent, as he pushes the door open for her, and walks into the bedroom.
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