Season 7 Episode 15

Bed and Bored

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Roseanne, eager for a week's rest, pretends that her pregnancy is making her ill, so she gets a week off work and tells everyone that her doctor told her to stay in bed for a week.

Dan holds down the fort and tells the kids to pitch in more, including David.

The charade continues for about half the week, then Dan catches David pretending to take a call from Roseanne's doctor and worms the truth out of David, who fesses up.

At first Dan's shocked, then grins as he comes up with a counter plan...go along with Roseanne's "bed rest," but play it to a hilt...let no one in her room and make sure Roseanne really doesn't get out of bed.

Meanwhile, Bev pops over at Jackie's to see Andy, offers unwanted advice on how Jackie could straighten up her messy, disorganized house, then volunteers her baby-sitting services, which upsets Jackie. Desperately, Jackie tries to fabricate a story of already having a baby-sitter for Andy. A deaf woman, that she doesn't know.

Bev knows that she's lying and offers "innocently" to call this baby-sitter to cancel.

Jackie has never been good at lying or deceiving and both Bev and Fred see that she's making up this baby-sitter. Fred then finally tells Jackie that she's being ridiculous and goes over Jackie's head to tell Bev that she can baby-sit Tuesday night to give Jackie and Fred their night out.

Once Fred goes into the bedroom, Jackie, still upset and pained, tells Bev that she can baby-sit if Bev admits that she did many things wrong with raising her and her sister.

Bev becomes indignant and walks out in a huff, saying 'I most certainly will not.' Bev is feeling very guilty that she did indeed make many mistakes with her daughters and she can see the pain in Jackie's face and how Jackie cringes from her and until recently, was afraid of her.

Jackie goes over to Roseanne's to talk it over with her sister, but Dan shooes her away since Roseanne's asleep.

It is later that Jackie musters up the courage to see Bev at her apartment and tell her that she can babysit Andy after all. Although, she does attempt to explain her resistance.

Bev is kind and nurturing to Andy in a way that Bev was not with Jackie or Roseanne and that brings back very painful memories for Jackie of feeling unloved.

It is an emotional, moving scene that follows...Jackie is sad and regrets how she reacted toward her mother earlier and Bev is feeling guilty and full of past regrets.

Jackie is about to leave as Bev is telling Jackie how much she adores Andy. Jackie's eyes then fill with tears and she turns and quietly tells her mother that she wishes Bev could have been as loving toward her.

At first, Bev tries to deny that she'd been an unloving mother, but Jackie pins her down softly, but firmly and tells her that no, she was not very loving toward either her or Roseanne.

Bev then sighs and says how hard a job being a mother was and that she had Al and Roseanne to contend with. Jackie comes back over, grabs tissues and starts to cry for real as she tells her mother how much it hurt her to feel so unloved and verbally abused.z

Bev knows she can't deny it any longer, sees the hurt in her younger daughter's eyes, and overcome with guilt for having put that hurt there in Jackie's dark eyes, starts to cry also and apologizes and admits that Jackie's right, that she had not been a good mother. Sobbing, she tells Jackie that she really is lovable and truly deserved better.

Jackie, still sobbing herself, feels guilty and tries to soothe her mother by saying that she wasn't a perfect daughter and admits that she had a hand in tearing up her mom's wedding dress more than any dog named Skippy. They hug, then cry together a minute, blowing their noses and wiping their eyes.

Jackie realizes how much in common she does have with her mother after all; they even look somewhat alike and have some of the same mannerisms.

Bev then admits that she envies Jackie some, which surprises Jackie. Bev envies and admires Jackie for waiting until she was older and more stable before having a child and wishes she could have done the same. Then she tells Jackie that she's a good mother, which nearly makes Jackie cry again.

Jackie is stunned and touched by her mom's now kind words. The words reach Jackie's heart and start to heal Jackie's battered self-esteem. They are silent a minute, then Bev starts to add something Momlike, to which Jackie tries to halt, for fear that Bev would ruin Jackie's "golden moment."

By then, Bev has mostly recovered and is back her usual advice-giving, "mom-like" self and tells Jackie that she'll bring her vacuum since Jackie's seems to be broken.

Jackie, halfway out the door, shrugs, realizing that her mom can't change overnight and is still feeling much better that they took that first step in better understanding each other.

Jackie still has tears in her eyes as she leaves the apartment, but her heart is lighter and it's a new beginning for Jackie and Bev's mother-daughter bond. Jackie finally feels that she has at least some of the mother love that she's longed for all her life.

Later, Jackie comes over to Roseanne's and sneaks past Dan, who's been standing guard at the door and tells Roseanne a bit about the touching scene between her and Bev in the hopes that it will help Roseanne understand Bev better also.

Dan comes out from the bathroom and again tries to shoo Jackie out. It's a funny scene because big, tall Dan picks up petite, skinny Jackie like a little sack of sugar and starts to carry her out and Jackie blurts out that Bev cried and admitted to not being a good mother, which stun Roseanne and Dan in their tracks as the episode closes.
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