Season 7 Episode 15

Bed and Bored

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In "Bed and Bored" Jackie admits to cutting up her mother's wedding dress and blaming it on the dog, but later when Darlene gets married, Nana Mary and Bev talk about wearing the dress to their own weddings.

    • In the scene in the kitchen/laundry room when Dan is stressing out about having to do everything, in the first shot his shirt is tucked in. In the very next shot of him, it isn't, then, it is again, and then once again, is isn't

  • Quotes

    • Mark: I'm gonna give you five good reasons why I can borrow the car. (holds his hand up flat instead of making a fist)
      David: What is this? What're you going to do? Wave at me? (Mark realizes his stupidity and slaps David on the head) Ow!

    • Dan: Is dandruff shampoo bad for dishes?
      Jackie: Are they already in there?
      Dan: Yeah.
      Jackie: No, it's fine.

    • Jackie: (As Dan carries Jackie out on his back, she struggles and gleefully continues to describe Bev's admission of guilt) Roseanne, it was glorious!! (Holds onto the wall) No, no, wait. Roseanne, she cried!!!

    • Jackie: You are not gonna believe this...Mom says she's a bad mother!
      Roseanne: You mean in the way that Shaq is a 'Bad Mutha'?

    • David: (after Dan finds out that David has been lying for Roseanne) You aren't going to kill me, are you, Mr. Conner?
      Dan: Kill YOU, Nooo. This isn't squirrel season, David. I'm hunting bear.

    • David: Mr.Conner, will you tell Mark that he can't just have the car whenever he needs it!
      Dan: There's gotta be a fair way to settle this. I can't think of one right now, so I suggest a slap fight.

    • Becky: You lost your pants?
      Dan: Not all of them. For your information, I have a very important meeting today. I need my Docker's.

    • (To Jackie)
      Dan: If you woulda read the instructions on the pack of condoms you wouldn't even have a kid.

    • (After Fred calls Jackie's mother "Mom")
      Jackie: Don't call her mom!...You may call her Bev or Sea Hag!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Mark's "five good reasons" warning to David is taken from a similar exchange in the animated TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) where Lucy gave her brother Linus the same kind of "fisty" admonishment.

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